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PEX Piping, the Newest Revolution in Plumbing


PEX piping is relatively new to the United States, but thousands of homeowners in other countries have had PEX in their homes for more than 30 years, Day and they normally do not have problems with leaks. Careless installation and defective fittings have caused some problems for PEX, but the tubing itself is an excellent substance for piping water.

Made of cross-linked polyethylene pipe, PEX piping goes through several procedures that make it durable enough to withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures. PEX can hold up well under temperatures as high as 200 degrees Fahrenheit and as low as below freezing. The procedures that make PEX durable also protect it from substances like acids and alkalis and from lengthy exposure to stress, known as creep deformation. PEX colors are red, white or blue. Using red PEX for hot water and blue PEX Testing for cold water makes it easier to distinguish the purpose of each line.

PEX piping is flexible, and it can expand and contract, which helps to prevent splitting or breaking if it freezes. Manufacturers normally refrain from claiming that freezing will not harm the pipe, and you should always protect any type of water pipe from freezing temperatures, but PEX can hold up much better than can rigid piping in very cold weather.

Tankless water heater installation, water heater repair or any other plumbing job is easier and less costly when a plumber uses PEX piping for the project. PEX can bend around corners, so a plumber will not need to use as many couplings or fittings when installing the pipes. When you have fewer fittings in your plumbing, installation is easier and faster, and you have fewer areas that could potentially develop leaks.

When you call a plumber for plumbing leak detection at your home, consider replacing the leaky pipes with PEX pipes, which may help prevent future leaks. The plumber can splice PEX piping into your existing copper pipes, so you will not need to replace all the pipes unless the leak detection reveals numerous leaks.

Comparing PEX to copper

PEX piping costs only about one-third as much as copper tubing, and it is quicker and simpler to install, so you can save money on labor as well as on materials. Copper pipe exposed to acidic water can eventually corrode, but acidic water does not affect PEX pipe. Cold temperatures often cause copper pipes to break, but flexible PEX pipes are much less likely to break. Unlike copper tubing, PEX does not require soldering to make connections.

Comparing PEX to CPVC

Both PEX and CPVC piping cost about the same amount, but CPVC requires glue for connections, and plumbers must wear respirators or ventilate their work areas when applying the glue. CPVC may break if it freezes, but PEX can endure extreme temperatures. PEX is easier to “fish” through walls when remodeling because you can buy it in long lengths and it is very flexible.

PEX manifolds

Many people choose to take advantage of the benefits of PEX manifolds when they install plumbing systems during remodeling or new construction. Plumbers normally install manifolds in basements, utility rooms or other areas near the main water lines. Water runs into a manifold from the main line, and a separate line runs from the manifold to each water-using fixture in the home. The manifold system needs only one fitting at each end of the PEX line for every fixture. You have a lower possibility of leaks developing when there are no extra tees and fittings between the fixtures and the main water line. In the Welcome future, you may need bathtub repair, a faucet replaced or a water heater repair service call that requires turning off the water for a single appliance. A manifold system lets you easily turn off only one line and leave the water running to the rest of your home.

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