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Water Heater Installation

Houston Water Heater Installation

Time to Replace Your Water Heater? Call Santhoff!

There are many reasons why you may need Houston water heater installation. For example, if you’re building a new home, you may need your very first water heater for the house. However, in most cases installing a new water heater means you need a replacement. 

In some cases, it may be that your current water heater simply can’t keep up with your family’s hot water needs. If it seems like you’re always doing backflips to coordinate showers or laundry so there’s guaranteed hot water, it might be time to replace your water heater. Frequently this means that your water heater is too small for your current needs. In these cases, you may need to install a water heater with a larger tank, or maybe even choose tankless water heater installation, which provides on-demand hot water as it flows through the pipes. 

Many other people wait until their water heater is close to the end of its life before replacement. For instance, if the only thing coming from your pipes is cold water, that’s a pretty good indicator that you need a new water heater. Also, if you need frequent repairs for your water heater or if your water heater is nearly ten years old, a replacement may be more cost-effective in the long run.

If you are in the market for a more reliable, durable, and affordable unit, our Houston water heater installation experts at Santhoff Plumbing are ready to help. Call (713) 360-2185 now for an appointment!

Why You Need a Professional to Install Your Water Heater

Everyone likes to save money, which is why some people consider DIY options for water heater installation. However, there are many reasons why you should hire one of our specialists to put in your new unit. 

  • Improperly installed water heaters can put your home and family’s safety at risk. When water lines for your water heater are not hooked up properly, they can leak and cause major water damage throughout your home. This can end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars to fix.
  • Incorrectly installed water heaters can also increase your risk of house fires. A unit can build up pressure and potentially explode. 

You deserve the peace of mind of knowing your new water heater has been properly installed. Our seasoned water heater service professionals here at Santhoff Plumbing understand how to safely go about the installation process and will ensure your new water heater is performing optimally.

Which Water Heater Should I Choose?

Whether you are upgrading or replacing your water heater, it can be challenging to figure out which model to choose. Our water heater replacement specialists in Houston are familiar with top gas, electric, and tankless options and can help you select the model that best suits your needs.

If you are considering a tank water heater, you need to think about the appropriate capacity. This can be tricky without expert assistance.

Here are some rough estimates on the size of the water tank you will need based on how many people live in your home:

  • 1-2 people: 30-40-gallon tank
  • 2-3 people: 40-50-gallon tank
  • 3-4 people: 50-60-gallon tank
  • 5+ people: 60-80-gallon tank

The precise size of the tank you will need will ultimately depend on how much water you use each day. Our Houston water heater installation professionals can evaluate your habits before helping you pick the ideal unit.

When to Consider Replacing Your Water Heater

When your home’s water heater starts giving you trouble, you need a professional to conduct prompt repairs. In some instances, it may be time to consider replacing an aging or malfunctioning water heater altogether. Installing a new water heater allows you to take advantage of newer technologies that help save water, time, and money. Modern water heaters do their jobs more effectively, which is great for the environment and your wallet.

Depending on the circumstances, it may make more sense to replace a faulty, aging water heater instead of attempting to repair it. Tank-style water heaters usually last around 10 to 15 years, while tankless water heaters have a lifespan of about 20 years. If your water heater is nearing the end of its shelf life as it starts to experience more frequent problems, replacing it with a newer unit may be more cost-effective. Remember, older water heaters often have more problems and tend to be less efficient, so you could end up paying more for constant repairs and higher utility bills in the long run.

If your water heater is leaking due to corrosion, it is time to replace it, no matter how old it is. Corroded water heater tanks are not repairable.

You may also need to consider replacing your water heater if your current unit cannot keep up with the demand for hot water in your home. If hot water runs out quickly, your family’s needs may have increased and now exceed what your system can reliably deliver. In these instances, you should upgrade to a larger tank or even a tankless option for on-demand hot water.

Our Houston water heater experts are here to advise when a replacement is necessary or recommended. We can help you find the right solution for you and your family. 

Ready to start exploring your water heater options? Call (713) 360-2185 or contact us online to get started. Financing is available.

Shopping for Water Heaters: Plumbers or Big Box Stores?

When shopping for a new water heater, there are many things to think about. You might be wondering which brand to choose, whether to go with tank-style or tankless water heaters. You might be wondering about the size and fuel type. However, it’s also important to consider where to purchase water heaters. 

The two most common places to purchase a water heater are your plumber and big box home improvement stores. In many cases you might even notice the same brands available from both. However, beware that there are significant differences when buying a water heater from a plumber versus a home improvement retailer. 

Water Heater Quality

It’s a common misconception that water heaters are the same no matter where you buy them. However, in most cases the water heaters you find in your local big box store are actually lower quality than the ones you can purchase from your plumber. Even if the label is the same brand, quality often varies between plumber-supplied and retailer-supplied water heaters.

Retailers typically only have access to consumer-grade water heaters. This often means they are lower quality compared to professional grade water heaters. Usually parts are made of components that may break or degrade easier. One example is that drain valves on consumer grade water heaters from home improvement stores are made of plastic, whereas professional grade may be made of brass. This offers higher durability.

By contrast, plumbers can obtain professional grade water heaters. Because they specialize in water heater installations in Houston, manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers often supply higher grade water heaters to plumbers. This generally means that the materials and parts are better quality and more durable. For instance, consumer grade water heaters may use a glass tank liner, while professional grade units may use ceramic to protect the tank from rust and corrosion. 

Water Heater Installation Expertise

Also, never underestimate the value of expertise. If you’re trying to buy a water heater from a big box home improvement store, you’re probably on your own. The sales associates may be there to answer some basic questions, but they don’t have any specific experience to help them recommend the right unit. If you have questions, you will likely need to figure them out on your own. In most cases, you can’t simply explain your normal water heater use and have them recommend two or three models and their pros and cons. 

When you buy a water heater from your plumber, you get the benefit of years of expertise and education. Plumbers perform water heater installation every day. They can help you find the right option for your home. Our plumbers will discuss many specifics of how you use your water heater to find the right unit. We can also walk you through the pros and cons of each unit to help you find a solution that fits your needs and budget.

Houston Water Heater Installation Options

In addition, when you buy from a big box store, oftentimes you’re on your own for water heater installation. Big box stores are retailers, not plumbers. So, in many cases you will have to find someone to install the water heater for you after you purchase it. In some cases, national chains may offer installation services, but they are basically a middle man. They hire an outside contractor to install the water heater for you, but there are drawbacks to this. First, you have no idea whether the contractor offers quality service. You don’t get to do your own research into the professional. Also, the prices for these services are often higher than if you just went to the professional yourself.

Instead, working with a plumber directly for buying and installing a water heater makes the process simple. You have full control over which plumber you choose and have the option to fully vet each company and get different quotes to find the right plumber for you. You also get all services in-house to cut out the middleman and have a clear path of accountability. 

Choosing a Plumber for Water Heater Replacement in Houston

Now you know why you should choose a plumber for Houston water heater installation, let’s talk about how to choose the right plumber. After all, not all plumbers are made the same. You want the best plumber for all your plumbing needs. You and your family rely on quality plumbing every single day for essential things like handwashing, food prep, and showering. For every plumbing service, you need a company you can trust to get the job done right the first time. Always choose a qualified plumber that holds a license with the state of Texas, and also look for proven experience. This shows the plumbers have the skills needed to provide safe, long-lasting, and code-compliant plumbing services. In addition, look for reviews and testimonials to determine the quality and level of service you can expect. 

Contact the Expert Plumbers at Santhoff Plumbing

When you work with Santhoff Plumbing, you can trust us to provide the best quality plumbing services in the Greater Houston area. We are proud to provide thorough, friendly service and use plumbing materials and equipment from top manufacturers. Whether you need a new water heater, water heater repairs, or regular water heater maintenance, we are here to help. Since 1974, we have been Houston’s go-to plumbing company for residential and commercial plumbing. 

Schedule an appointment online now or call us today at (713) 360-2185 for water heater replacement in Houston, TX.

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