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What Every Houston Plumber Knows About Hard Water vs. Soft Water


Understanding the differences between hard and soft water can help homeowners manage plumbing issues more effectively. Your Houston plumber can provide you with detailed information on the type of water that supplies your home. Water filters and treatments can sometimes provide added help for homeowners in improving the quality of water coming into their homes.

Houston Has Hard Water

In general, the water in our area is classified as hard water because of the amount of magnesium and calcium it contains. These minerals dissolve into the water and present little or no risk to humans or animals but can increase the need for a Houston water heater repair. Soft water, by contrast, has usually been treated and contains only trace amounts of minerals. Houston gets its water predominantly from the Trinity River and the San Jacinto River. The high mineral content of this water can have some unpleasant results for residents in our area.

Negative Effects of Hard Water

The minerals dissolved in hard water can reduce the effectiveness of detergents and soaps, allowing residue and soap scum to remain in clothes, on dishes and on surfaces. Shampoos may not rinse away as well in hard water, allowing hair to become dull and limp as a result. In some cases, the presence of hard water can cause build-up and blockages in pipes and may result in unnecessary wear and tear for appliances that use water. Soft water can also present issues for some people; they may find this treated water to be overly bland or to taste too salty. In general, though, soft water is preferred for most cleaning tasks.

Plumbing Problems Caused by Hard Water

The most common problem caused by minerals in tap water is known as scale. This mineral build-up can adhere to the insides of pipes and other plumbing fixtures. Over time, this can cause a blockage that can damage pipes and reduce the functionality of your indoor plumbing. Hot water heaters are especially vulnerable to the damaging effects of hard water. Left unaddressed, hard water problems may require Houston water heater repair services that can be inconvenient and costly for you and your family.

Consulting with a professional Houston residential plumber can provide you with added help and guidance when dealing with hard water issues at your home or other property. The friendly and knowledgeable Houston plumber professionals at Santhoff Plumbing Company can provide you with fast repair services and the most cost-effective solutions for all your plumbing needs. Call us today at (713) 360-2185. We look forward to helping provide the best water for you and your family.

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