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High-Tech Houston Residential Plumbing


Everything is going digital these days, so why wouldn’t the bathroom get in on the action? After reading through the newest and greatest in bathroom technology, you’ll want to revamp your Houston residential plumbing. Check out the digital additions you can make to your space.

Digital Showers

If your traditional, single shower head isn’t cutting it for you, you’ll want to check out the new technology of digital showers. From preferred water temperature to preferred water delivery, you can customize all this using the digital shower’s customization pad. Water jets line the entire wall, giving you many jet combinations to choose from.

Chromatherapy Tubs

New types of therapy are being experimented with every day. The newest form of therapy? Chromatherapy. This therapy revolves around the idea of colors adjusting the body’s vibrations to frequencies that are optimal for overall health. If you find yourself as being someone who is easily affected by different colors, this is the bathtub for you. With eight colors to choose from, you’re bound to find the right glow that will bring your body into complete harmony.

TV Medicine Cabinets

This high-tech find is perfect for sports fans who can’t miss a moment of the big game. LCD displays are being built into mirrors to create one streamlined device, perfect for use during morning grooming practices. The medicine cabinet TVs generally include an MP3 hookup and an outlet for charging electronic grooming tools. It’s a pretty cool Houston residential plumbing add-on, huh?

High-Tech Toilets

Can you imagine never having to sit on a cold toilet seat ever again? If you happen to have $6000 to blow, Kohler has created the Numi toilet with a heating function. This luxurious toilet also boasts a self-deodorizing system and a bidet that is controlled with the toilet’s touchscreen remote.

Touchless Faucets

It’s so difficult to stop the spread of germs when children are involved. Outsmart germs by investing in a touchless faucet in the bathroom and kitchen. The sensor in the faucet knows when you put your hands under the nozzle, which then turns the sink on without touching anything. This is the perfect invention for school bathrooms!
Which of these awesome high-tech Houston residential plumbing features are you most interested in? Whichever you chose to update your bathroom and make your life easier, remember that Santhoff will assist with installs and repairs. Give us a shout if you need a quote!

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