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Water Heater Anode Rods: What They Are and What They Do

Water Heater

Most people depend on their water heaters to provide reliable hot water on a daily basis. Regular maintenance with an established Houston water heater repair company can help to extend the life of this important appliance. Understanding the components in your water heater can ensure proper function and maintenance. One important element in your water heater is the anode rod, and understanding the basics of this component is beneficial for property owners.

What is a Water Heater Anode Rod?

Water heaters that use a tank are very susceptible to the effects of corrosion and rust. Most anode rods are constructed of magnesium, which is extremely susceptible to deterioration when exposed to water. Aluminum and zinc alloys are also sometimes used. The anode rod is specifically designed to prevent damage to metal water tanks by providing a more attractive target for corrosive processes. This allows your water heater anode rod to play an important role in protecting steel tanks from damage.

What Do Water Heater Anode Rods Do?

By attracting corrosive and oxidative processes, your anode rod can serve as an early warning system. Your Houston plumber can perform an inspection of this rod during routine maintenance. If your anode rod shows significant signs of deterioration, your plumber may replace it with a new one. A worn-out anode rod usually indicates that removing sediment is also necessary to ensure the best performance of your water heater.

Hard Water vs. Soft Water

Anode rods can last much longer in hard water conditions like those found in the Houston area. Soft water can reduce the longevity of these rods, especially those made of aluminum and zinc. By scheduling regular check-ups for your water heater, you can ensure a ready supply of hot water while extending the life of this appliance.

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