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Do-It-Yourself Tools for Plumbing Emergencies


Not all home damage is the same. A hole in your drywall might not look pretty, but it is not an emergency. Gouges in wood flooring are even less cause for concern. However, the tiniest of cracks in a water pipe represents a drop-everything-else-immediately-sort of problem. Even if you can schedule an emergency Houston water heater repair, knowing what essential plumbing tools to have and how to perform basic plumbing repairs can reduce potential damages by thousands of dollars.


Your plunger is not just for toilet clogs — it is the go-to tool for every type of clog from showers to kitchen sinks, but most homeowners only use it for toilets. Yes, you will want to thoroughly clean your sink after sticking your plunger in it, but that is a small price to pay for getting your drains flowing again.


Plungers can fix about 95 percent of all clogs. Your standard 10 to 25-foot auger can fix almost every other type of clog. We recommend getting one that hooks up to a drill for better clog-busting action. If this tool does not fix your clog, you might have roots growing in the sewage line or a heavy-duty grease ball, which will require a Houston plumber to fix it.

Two Pipe Wrenches

Many people have one pipe wrench, but two pipe wrenches will let you efficiently replace or tighten supply valves. Use one wrench to hold the valve in place while using the other to loosen or tighten the nut.

Basin Spanner

For hard-to-reach spaces like behind your kitchen sink, a basin spanner is a better choice than a pipe wrench for working in tight spaces.

Screwdrivers, Rags, and Flashlights

Chances are that you already have these items, but they probably are not in the same location. It is always useful to have these basic tools together so that you can grab all of them in a hurry without trying to locate them separately.

Spare Supplies

Spending $30 or $40 on some basic plumbing supplies can help you fix issues immediately rather than waiting for your local home improvement store to open in the morning. Depending on your pipe material, you will want a small selection of:

  • Short repair pipe sections
  • Standard connectors
  • Adhesive
  • Plumbing putty and tape
  • Supply valves and caps
  • Water Meter Key

Water meter valves usually require a wrench or other tool to open and close. A water meter key is a special tool with a long handle that makes turning the valve a cinch and can shut off all water flowing into your home in seconds.

Still, need more help with Houston toilet repairs or other plumbing issues? Call Santhoff Plumbing Company at (713) 360-2185 today for emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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