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Prevent Grease Trap Emergencies with Proper Maintenance

Grease Trap

Your restaurant’s grease trap is an important component of your plumbing system. If you don’t properly maintain your grease trap, you could need costly repairs from your Houston emergency plumber. When grease traps reach their capacity, they are unable to perform their main function: preventing fats, oils, grease, and solids from getting into your municipality’s water supply. This can lead to hefty expenses to clean up the grease, as well as large fines for not maintaining your grease trap. Additionally, they can cause your restaurant to shut down for major repairs from your Houston emergency plumber if your grease trap fails. Therefore, follow a few tips regarding your restaurant’s grease trap to keep you in business and prevent large repairs.

Minimize Food Waste and Grease from Going Down Your Grease Trap

One great way to help maintain your grease trap is to stop issues at the source. Your Houston plumber recommends preventing food waste and grease from going down your drain to begin with. Naturally, there will be grease and food scraps that go down your drains. However, you should still try to reduce the number of fats, oils, grease, and solids that go into your plumbing.

For example, make sure to pour grease into a container for later disposal. Additionally, you should also scrape food waste into the garbage before rinsing dishes in sinks. Finally, you should also consider installing grates and strainers in your drains to catch solids from going into your pipes. All these steps can prevent costly grease trap repairs from your Houston emergency plumber.

Preventative Grease Trap Maintenance from Your Houston Emergency Plumber

In addition to these steps, you should also create a maintenance plan for your grease trap. Make sure you schedule regular maintenance services with your Houston plumbing company for your restaurant. To prevent grease trap emergencies, make sure to pump your grease trap regularly and schedule regular drain cleaning services.

Grease Trap Pumping

To ensure that your grease trap doesn’t reach capacity or fail, it’s important to have an expert plumber pump your restaurant’s grease trap regularly. Your Houston plumber can recommend the frequency based on your specific restaurant. However, the general rule is that you should have your grease trap pumped every time it reaches 25% capacity.

Annual Drain Cleaning from Your Houston Emergency Plumber

In addition, you should also schedule drain cleaning services at least once every year. Grease can get into your pipes and create drain clogs, which can interfere with the function of your grease trap. Therefore, it’s a good idea to regularly have your drains hydro-jetted to thoroughly clean your plumbing. Additionally, if you notice drain clogs, call your Houston emergency plumber straight away to get the clog fixed and prevent larger damage to your plumbing or to your grease trap.

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