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Signs Your Tankless Water Heater Needs Repair

Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters offer many benefits, like on-demand hot water and their long service life. However, like any component of your plumbing, you may need Houston water heater repair for tankless systems at some point. Therefore, know the signs you need Houston water heater repair for tankless water heaters.

Houston Water Heater Repair for No Hot Water

One of the common signs you need Houston water heater repair is if you have no hot water. This is true for traditional systems and tankless systems. While traditional systems can run out of hot water with a lot of use, tankless systems offer on-demand hot water. Therefore, if you have no hot water with a tankless water heater, you likely need repairs. Generally, if you aren’t getting hot water from your tankless system, there is usually something wrong with your heating element. However, your Houston plumber can quickly repair or replace your heating element to get you back to normal in no time.

Houston Water Heater Repair for Low Hot Water Pressure

Additionally, if you suddenly have low water pressure from your water heater, you may need Houston water heater repair. There are a few things that can cause low pressure from your water heater. First, over time mineral build-up from hard water can gum up your water heater and make it less efficient. This may lead to gradually lower pressure over time. To help prevent this, ensure you flush your water heater every six months. A water softener may also help reduce the amount of buildup in your water heater.

A sudden decrease in pressure may be a symptom of tankless water heater leaks. Generally, finding leaks is fairly easy to determine. Most leaks will show puddles near your water heater unit. In most cases, it’s usually a loose valve or fitting. However, leaking tankless water heaters are rare, so it’s best to call your Houston plumber to ensure your plumbing is in good condition.

Fluctuating Temperatures May Need Water Heater Service

Does it seem like your water heater is unpredictable? For example, one day you may have plenty of hot water, but the next day you only get lukewarm? There may be several reasons for this, which may require Houston water heater repair. In most cases, this is due to an electrical issue of some kind, most often loose connections. Also, loose connections on your water heater can affect the electricity throughout your home by creating power surges. Therefore, call your Houston plumbing company about fluctuating temperatures coming from your water heater.

Tankless Water Heater Services from your Houston Plumber for Water Discoloration or Strange Tastes

One of the benefits of tankless water heaters is that they don’t have a tank where sediment can build up. For traditional systems, this sediment can make your water look or taste strange. If you have a tankless system and notice odd tastes or discolored water, you should call your Houston plumber immediately. This is often a sign of either a broken down or defective water heater. It can also be an issue with your water supply.

Call Your Houston Plumber if Your Water Heater Shuts Itself Off

Another sign that you may need water heater services from your Houston plumbing company is if your unit shuts itself off. If this happens soon after you install it, then it may be that you installed the wrong option for your home. For example, many tankless water heater systems require a minimum flow rate to heat water properly. If the water pressure from your main is too low, then it may not work.

However, if this is a problem that just started happening, there are several reasons why your tankless water heater might turn itself off. For example, a loose wire may be to blame. However, in most cases, it’s either due to a demand issue or a filter issue. While tankless water heaters are often called “on-demand” water heaters, they do still require a little bit of time to heat the water. Overloading your water heater by running all the showers and hot water appliances you have can often lead to the unit shutting down.

Also, filter issues can cause your tankless water heater to shut off. Filters in your water heater help reduce the number of minerals that enter your system, helping protect your water heater from scale and buildup. However, these filters can get clogged, which may cause your water heater to shut itself off.

Preventing Issues with Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

One of the easiest ways to avoid needing frequent Houston water heater repair for your tankless unit is to maintain the system with regular service. A common misconception is that tankless water heaters don’t require maintenance. However, this belief can lead to you needing frequent repairs or even replacements for your unit.

Just like a water heater with a tank, the minerals in hard water can affect your tankless water heater. Over time, minerals can build up and create problems with your system or even cause permanent damage. Water softener can help reduce these issues to some degree, but you’ll also need routine preventative maintenance from your Houston plumber.

To help keep your tankless water heater in good shape, you’ll need to flush the system frequently. Most manufacturers recommend doing this at least once every six months. However, in some cases, you may need this service more frequently for particularly hard water. This helps remove some of the minerals that can build up in your tankless water heater.

Additionally, you should schedule descaling services at least once a year as well. While flushing can help remove some of the mineral buildups, descaling involves removing mineral buildup in your system. Mineral buildup can reduce its efficiency and may start to cause problems that need repair.

At Santhoff Plumbing Company, we offer expert water heater repair for traditional and tankless systems. As a leading Houston plumbing company, we provide repair, replacement, and installation for all types of plumbing. Our team is here to help with all the plumbing services you need. We’ve been proudly serving the greater Houston community since 1974 and have the experience you need for your home. Call us today at (713) 360-2185 to talk to one of our experts and schedule a service. We are here to serve you.

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