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Houston Sewer Repair 101


How often do you think about your sewer? Probably not until something breaks! Damaged sewer lines can cause major problems, so keep an eye out for signs of trouble and make sure you’re maintaining your sewer lines properly. Here’s everything you need to know about Houston sewer repair and care:

When do I Need Houston Sewer Repair?

Any time you’re having issues with your main sewer line, it’s important to get Houston plumbing repairs as soon as possible. This can help save you from major issues like sewage backup and damage in your home. 

When you think of plumbing, you probably think about how clean water gets to your fixtures, but drain lines are another important part of your plumbing. The sewer line takes away waste and dirty water to help keep your home sanitary. 

Naturally, if your home’s sewer line is damaged, this means it’s probably not doing its job right. This can put your home and your health at risk. Sewage contains a lot of harmful bacteria and chemicals that can make you and your family sick. If it gets into your home, this could also mean thousands of dollars for cleanup. 

Instead, make sure that you call our plumbers as soon as you notice any signs that your sewer line may be damaged or clogged. This can help you get Houston sewer repair services before it’s too late and you’re dealing with a huge mess inside your home.

Watch Out for these Signs of a Damaged Sewer Line

Unfortunately, many people don’t know when to call their plumber for sewer problems. A lot of people miss the early signs that it’s time to schedule sewer line services, so make sure you know what to look for and when to call our specialists.

You may need Houston sewer repair if:

  • There are strange smells in your house, especially near your drains
  • The toilet runs or gurgles when no one’s using it
  • Your drains drain slowly 
  • All your drains seem clogged
  • The toilet bowl water level varies a lot
  • You have water puddles or soft spots in your lawn
  • One patch of your lawn is really green (sewage backups can act as a fertilizer)
  • You have pests like rats and cockroaches in and around your home
  • Foundation cracks
  • You have sewage coming back up the drains

Now, some of these are obvious, like sewer backup. However, many are less obvious. For example, if you notice your lawn is looking greener than normal, you might just think you’ve been watering better. However, this is a common sign that you’ve got a broken sewer line that’s leaking waste underneath your yard.

Also, if you’re having problems with your drains not draining, you might just think you’ve got a small clog. The problem is, if it’s all your drains at once, then it’s likely a larger issue that you can’t fix with a plunger. When this happens, you need to get a sewer inspection. It could be a clog or it could be a broken sewer line that is causing issues with your home’s drains.

How does Houston Sewer Repair Work?

When you’ve got a damaged sewer line, our plumbers will need to figure out the exact cause to help recommend the best options for your home. For example, sometimes the sewer line may just be clogged. In these cases, we’ll recommend a cleaning or snaking service to help remove the clog. 

In other cases, you might have a crack or hole in the sewer pipe. When this happens, you’ll need Houston sewer repair. There are a couple of ways to repair the sewer line. Probably the most popular these days is trenchless sewer line repair. This means that we don’t need to dig into your yard to fix small cracks and damaged areas. To do this, we repair the holes by putting in a new pipe lining. This is called a cured-in-place pipe. Another option for Houston sewer repair is to dig down to reach the sewer line and repair the pipe that way. 

However, repair isn’t always an option for damaged sewer lines. For example, really extensively damaged sewer pipes may need replacement. This is especially true if the lines are old and reaching the end of their expected life. For example, if your house is 50 years old or older and it’s never had sewer re-piping services, then it’s likely time to replace the sewer lines.

Over time, pipes of any material can start to degrade and become weaker and more prone to damage. Therefore, we may recommend replacing them to help save you from future damages and costs for Houston sewer repair.

Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover Houston Sewer Repair?

After we come out for a sewer inspection and recommend repair or replacement for your sewer line, you might wonder if your homeowner's insurance will cover the costs. It’s important to note that every policy is different, so you should talk to your agent. 

However, in most cases, homeowners insurance doesn’t normally cover sewer repair costs. If yours does, there’s likely some limits. For example, many policies will only cover it if the lines are damaged by other people, like a contractor or neighbor, or by what they call an “act of God,” which is an unforeseeable event like a tree falling during a storm and damaging the line. 

In most cases, sewer line damage is due to age or neglected maintenance. Therefore, you’ll probably end up paying for Houston sewer repair without any help from your homeowner's insurance. 

While we know unexpected repair costs are frustrating, we do offer financing options to help you pay for needed plumbing services. There are also some steps you can take to help keep your sewer lines in good condition. 

How to Avoid Houston Sewer Repair

Eventually, everyone will need to replace or repair their sewer line. However, scheduling regular sewer maintenance can help you avoid needing to do this earlier than normal or frequently. One of the first things you can do is make sure to schedule sewer line cleanings. We recommend doing this every one to two years. This can help prevent clogs that cause backups and put extra strain on your sewer lines. 

Also, be careful what you put down your drains. For example, cooking grease can solidify in your sewer lines and make them narrower and more prone to clogging. Things like wet wipes or feminine hygiene products can get stuck and clog the sewer lines as well. 

In addition, we recommend scheduling a camera sewer line inspection if your home is older and you think the sewer lines haven’t been maintained, repaired, or replaced. This allows us to see the condition of the pipes and let you know if it’s time to replace them or if they’re still in good condition.

Houston Plumbing Repairs from Santhoff’s Experts

If you’re looking for Houston’s best plumbing professionals, we’re here to help! At Santhoff Plumbing company, we’re highly rated and guarantee your complete satisfaction. Our team is dedicated to serving you with affordable, advanced plumbing services. Call us today at (713) 360-2185 to schedule service, or at (713) 360-2185 24/7 for emergency plumbing services.

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