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Houston Plumber Tips After a Pipe Breaks

Pipe Repair

It’s every homeowner’s nightmare to experience a broken pipe, but when it happens, your Houston plumber can help repair the damage and get you back to normal as soon as possible. After a burst pipe, there are several things you can do to help make the process as easy as possible and to help reduce the water damage you experience. 

Notice a Burst Pipe? Call Your Houston Plumber

One of the very first things you should do if you need Houston broken pipe repair is to contact your plumbing company. The sooner you call, the sooner your Houston plumber can arrive. Our team may also help guide you through some steps to take in the meantime. A burst pipe is a serious plumbing issue. Most homeowners require professional plumbing assistance to repair the pipe. Your Houston plumbing company will likely need to replace the broken pipe. Then you will need to deal with any water damage. However, there are some things you can do after you find a broken pipe to help reduce damage. 

Steps to Take Until Your Houston Plumber Arrives

After you call your Houston plumber for a burst pipe, your job isn’t quite done. There are several things to do to help prevent further damage in your home.

Turn Off the Water Main and Electricity

Once you realize that your pipe is broken, you should shut off the water main. This helps prevent more water from flowing into that pipe. This can help reduce the amount of water that floods your home while you wait for repairs. In most cases, the water main shutoff is located near the water meter outside your home. It’s important that everyone in your home knows where this is and how to turn it off in case of emergency, such as a broken pipe

Also, it’s a good idea to turn off the electricity as well, if possible. Water from a burst pipe can leak into outlets and walls where your wiring is, which can create unsafe conditions. Therefore, if you are able, make sure to switch off the electricity in your home. However, you should never walk through standing water if your electricity is on. If you can’t reach your breaker box without walking through water, then you may be able to switch off the electricity at the electric meter. If you’re unsure, call an electrician for assistance. 

Drain the Pipes

In addition, draining the pipes can help reduce water damage and also may help your Houston plumber when they arrive for repairs. After switching off the water main, turn on all the faucets in your home to remove the remaining cold water in the plumbing system. This includes flushing the toilets, often multiple times. You should also switch off your water heater and also run the faucets on warm to remove any hot water in your plumbing system. Taking this step can help reduce some of the pressure in your plumbing. 

Contact Your Insurance Agent and Document Damage

Next, you should call your homeowners insurance to let them know that you’ve experienced a burst pipe if you plan on making a claim. Depending on your policy, your insurance may cover the costs of repairing water damage and may help you replace any items that are damaged. However, some insurance companies require an adjuster to come out and see the damage before you clean up. In other cases, taking pictures and other documentation is enough for your claim. It’s important to understand what you need to do for your claim. In addition, it’s a good idea to take pictures and document your damages whether the insurance adjuster needs to come to your home or not. If you can, snap some pictures of the water damage before your Houston plumber arrives.

Remove Excess Water Until Your Houston Plumber Arrives

Also, you can begin removing some of the water while you wait for your Houston plumber. This can help prevent further water damage and also help reduce the risk of mold and mildew growth. Start by removing anything that can be removed from the area and placing it somewhere dry. Then, you can begin mopping up the excess water with towels, mops, and other tools. If you have a wet-dry shop vacuum, you can use this to suck up a lot of the water. If the broken pipe is upstairs and you notice a bubble forming on the downstairs ceiling, puncture the bubble and allow the water to drain out. In addition, if the weather allows, consider opening doors and windows to allow extra air in, which can help dry out your home. 

Cleanup After Your Houston Plumber Repairs Your Broken Pipe

After Houston broken pipe repair, you will likely have quite a bit of cleanup to do. For extensive damage, such as when water seeps into drywall or subfloor, you will likely need restoration services to help with the water damage. If the burst pipe caused little damage, you may be able to clean up the area by yourself.

Once your Houston plumber repairs your burst pipe, take time to soak up as much of the water as possible. You should also bring in fans to the area to help dry it out faster. Dehumidifiers can also come in handy, as they remove moisture from the air that could slow down the drying process. You can also try cycling your HVAC system between heating and cooling. Turning on the heat helps suck moisture into the air, while the air conditioning removes it. This may help you dry out your home after a burst pipe.

At Santhoff Plumbing Company, we are a premier Houston plumbing company offering a wide range of repair, maintenance, and replacement services. We offer 24/7 service to help you when you experience a plumbing emergency. Whether you have a burst pipe or need gas lines laid for a new appliance, our plumbers are here to provide you with the highest quality service. Call us today at (713) 360-2185 to schedule service or at (713) 360-2185 for emergency plumbing service. We are here to serve you.

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