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Homebuyers: Have a Houston Plumber Inspect the Plumbing


Buying a home? Having a Houston plumber inspect the plumbing system can save you a lot of hassle! It’s important to know the condition of a home’s plumbing system so you know exactly what you’re getting into. Plumbing problems can be costly to fix, so you want to go in with your eyes open.

Why Hire a Houston Plumber When Purchasing a Home?

Once you’ve found the house you’d like to purchase, you’re typically given a period of time to do due diligence, which is essentially where you can bring in experts to inspect the home and identify potential issues. It’s important to make the most of this time so you know exactly what you’re buying. 

An important part of any home is the plumbing system. Plumbing issues can be expensive to fix and can also cause a lot of damage. For instance, plumbing problems can cause foundation issues, damage to drywall, warped flooring, and caved ceilings, just to name a few. Your Houston plumbing company can perform an inspection in your potential new home to ensure the plumbing is in good condition before you close. Also, if our plumbers find anything concerning, we can also provide estimates for repairs, replacements, or upgrades so you know the approximate cost for correcting detected problems. 

What Does a Houston Plumbing Company Inspect that a House Inspector Doesn’t?

Most homebuyers hire a home inspector to look for signs of issues with the home. Home inspectors typically look at the house overall to find issues with the structure and systems in the home. House inspectors also perform a visual inspection of any exposed plumbing. They also typically make sure the toilets flush, the taps have running water, and that the drains drain. The inspector may do a little more, but for the most part it’s a very simple check. Your Houston plumber can perform a much more thorough inspection of the home’s plumbing system before purchase. There are many different tests and inspections a plumber can perform to determine the health of the home’s plumbing system. 

Some Things to Have Your Houston Plumber Check Before Purchasing a House

There are many things to check for the plumbing system in a home you’re trying to purchase. This can help you avoid unexpected issues with the plumbing system. 

Have Your Houston Plumber Perform Leak Detection

One important test to have your plumber perform during a home purchase inspection is a leak test. Hydrostatic testing can help find hidden leaks that the seller may not know about. These leaks waste water and can also put you at risk for expensive water damages or even mold growth. 

Checking the Water Pressure to the House

Water pressure is an important factor to consider, too. If pressure is too low, it could be that the supply pipes are clogged or corroded that need to be replaced. If the pressure is too high, it can damage the plumbing and fixtures in the home. In these cases, you may need to install a pressure-reducing valve. Pressure issues are important to consider and find the root cause to avoid later plumbing issues. 

Water Heater Inspections

It’s also important to check the water heater for issues in a home you’re purchasing. Knowing whether the water heater is old, experiencing problems, too small for your family, or even leaking can help you plan accordingly for replacement. If possible, it can also help to have our plumbers look at the maintenance history records if the seller has them to determine the expected life span left in the water heater.

Have Your Houston Plumber Identify Pipe Materials and Condition

Understanding what types of pipes are in the home is also important, particularly for older homes. For instance, older homes can have galvanized steel, polybutylene, or cast iron pipes. All these pipe materials have higher fail rates than modern pipe materials like PVC and PEX. Knowing whether you have potentially worn pipes is important as you consider the costs of owning the home. 

Checking for Lead Pipes in Homes Built Before 1986

If you’re looking at an older home, then it’s important to check for lead pipes and plumbing. Congress banned lead in plumbing in 1986, but homes built before that may still have lead plumbing. This may be in the form of lead pipes, especially the service line connecting your home to the water main, the solder in your plumbing, or even in older brass faucets and valves. Your Houston plumber can look for signs of lead plumbing in the home before you purchase it.

Check the Sewer Line

Sewer line breaks can cause a lot of damage and be expensive to fix. Generally repairing sewer lines involves digging trenches in the yard to replace the pipes that go from your home to the city sewer line. Therefore, you want your Houston plumber to check the line for breaks, leaks, or other issues. Performing a sewer line inspection before purchasing a home can save you a lot of money and hassle later for sewer issues. 

Inspecting All the Fixtures and Drains

Even if you’re planning to upgrade some of the faucets to make the home your own, your Houston plumbing company can also inspect all the plumbing fixtures and drains to make sure they work. You don’t want to move in and find out that several of the faucets leak or that you have a clogged, slow-moving drain in the shower. Our plumbers will also check the toilets to make sure they flush and that there are no signs of leaks, water running, or other issues. 

Your Houston Plumber Should Check for Signs of Water Quality Issues

Water quality issues aren’t common, but they can be an issue for homes with old, corroded, or deteriorated plumbing. Your Houston plumber can look for signs of poor water quality like discoloration or odd smells. We can also perform water quality tests if you have concerns about the water quality in the home. 

Check the Shut Off Valves

It’s also important to check the plumbing shut-off valves throughout the home. These valves are essential during a plumbing emergency, as they help stop water flowing when you have a plumbing issue. However, these valves can seize up and stop working over time. Therefore, it’s important to know if these valves work when purchasing a new house. If the shut-off valves don’t work, we recommend replacing them as soon as possible in case of a major plumbing issue where you need to shut off the water to your fixtures or home. 

What to do if Your Houston Plumber Finds Plumbing Issues During Home Purchase Due Diligence

If your plumber does find issues or potential issues with the plumbing system, there are several things you can do. For instance, you might want to pull out of the deal. In other cases, you may want to negotiate with the seller. Some sellers will make necessary repairs before closing. Others may be willing to adjust the costs to help cover the expenses associated with fixing the plumbing issues. 

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