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When to Hire Houston Master Plumbers for Plumbing Services

Master Plumber

A plumber is a plumber, right? Wrong! Plumbers can have different experience and education levels, which is why there are several types of plumbing licenses. Houston master plumbers can help with some of the most complex plumbing issues and services. However, how do you know when you need a master plumber? And is it really that important of a distinction? Let’s talk about master plumbers and some situations where you may need a licensed master plumber for the job.

What are Houston Master Plumbers?

First off, what’s a master plumber? Master plumbers hold one of the most skilled licenses available to plumbers. Becoming a master plumber involves a lot of education, years of experience in the industry, and passing a comprehensive exam to get the license. The most common path to becoming a master plumber is starting out as an apprentice and working your way up. After you have at least 8,000 hours working in the industry as an apprentice, you can receive your journeyman plumber license. Most master plumbers hold their journeyman license for at least four years before applying for the master plumber license. Each type of license also typically means taking coursework in a classroom and passing an exam. So, you can think of a master plumber like a doctor for your plumbing. 

What’s the Difference between a Master Plumber and a Houston Residential Plumber?

A Houston residential plumber is a plumber who works on residential plumbing systems, typically in single-family homes. Residential plumber isn’t really a license as much as it is a type of specialty. Some plumbers specialize in residential systems and others specialize in commercial systems. A residential plumber can be a master plumber or may have another type of license. So, if you think you need a master plumber for your home, it’s important to ask not only whether a plumber specializes in residential plumbing, but also the type of license the professional holds.

When do I Need Houston Master Plumbers for Plumbing Services?

Now, in some cases a journeyman plumber can certainly help you with the plumbing services you need. For instance, installing fixtures, fixing small leaks, and unclogging drains. However, for more complicated issues and services, it’s better to opt for Houston master plumbers. These plumbers not only have extensive experience with plumbing systems but also specialized knowledge that make them better qualified for certain types of projects. It’s important to know when you need a master plumber’s help. This way, you can rest easy knowing that your plumbing system is done right and up-to-code. We’re going to go over three situations where you likely need a master plumber for the job. 

Designing Plumbing Systems

Maybe you’re building a new house or a commercial building for your business. Either way, you need someone to design a plumbing system for new construction and some major renovation projects. Designing a plumbing system is much more complicated than you might think. There are many different components of plumbing code to ensure your building’s system is safe. In addition, there are many plumbing design choices that can affect the plumbing system’s durability and longevity. So, it’s really critical to find the right professional for a brand-new plumbing system. 

You need a master plumber for plumbing system design. These professionals have the experience and education to draw up plumbing blueprints, design systems that meet or exceed standards in plumbing codes, and more. Choosing a master plumbing professional is important for creating a plumbing system that is safe and long-lasting. 

Adding or Changing Plumbing Systems

In addition, there are many reasons why you might need to add to or change your current plumbing system. Choose Houston master plumbers for these services as well. Just like when designing a new plumbing system, it’s important to have a plumber with specific knowledge on plumbing codes, systems, and plumbing design principles. This can help give you peace of mind that your plumbing is safe, up to code, and well-designed for your needs. 

For example, you may want to add gas lines for a new outdoor kitchen or outdoor gas lights. In other cases, you may need to change your plumbing system if you want to do a major kitchen or bathroom remodel where you want to add or move fixtures. In any of these cases, you’re altering your plumbing system and therefore need a master plumber for your project.

Complex Houston Plumbing Repairs

Also, while many Houston plumbing repairs can be completed by a journeyman plumber, sometimes you really need a master plumber for plumbing issues. Generally, if the plumbing problem is really complex or complicated to repair, it’s better to have a master plumber for the job. After all, they have a significant amount of real-world experience and training to help with even the toughest repairs. 

Repairs that require a master plumber are usually pretty severe. For instance, a broken gas line or when you need re-piping for most of an old, worn out system. These issues, while less common than a leaky faucet, can be devastating for your plumbing system and your home. In some cases, like gas line leaks and breaks, they can be dangerous for your entire family. Therefore, it makes sense that you would want an ultra-experienced professional to help with these kinds of repairs. 

Ask Your Plumbing Company if they Have Houston Master Plumbers on Staff

While there are many circumstances where you need a master plumber, not every plumbing company has professionals on staff with a master plumbing license. Because master plumbers must have certain levels of experience and training, the master plumbing license is one of the hardest to obtain. This makes master plumbers less common than journeyman plumbers. Therefore, it’s important to ask specifically whether a plumbing company has licensed master plumbers on staff to help with your plumbing needs. When you call our plumbing company, we can help you determine whether you need the expertise of a master plumber and send licensed pros to help provide high-quality plumbing service.

Fast, Affordable Plumbing Services from Santhoff Plumbing Company

When you have plumbing troubles, we know it’s important to get fast, affordable service. Our team at Santhoff Plumbing Company is dedicated to providing superior service, whether you have a small leak or a burst pipe. We believe in going above and beyond to ensure you’re satisfied and your plumbing system is safe. We’re even available 24/7 for emergency repairs. Call us now at (713) 360-2185 to learn more and schedule service.

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