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Houston Kitchen Remodeling: Adding a New Dishwasher


Living in a home without a dishwasher is time-consuming. While people have been washing their own dishes for thousands of years, it can take hours and may create fights in the household about who washes the dishes. When the time for Houston kitchen remodeling, it’s no surprise that adding a new dishwasher is at the top of your priorities.

If you want a dishwasher to your kitchen, we have a few helpful pointers to share on how it’s done and how to ensure you get the best experience before, during, and after your dishwasher installation.

Why Adding a Dishwasher for Your Houston Kitchen Remodeling Project

Installing a dishwasher offers several advantages. Homes that don’t already have a dishwasher were likely built during a previous era when dishwashers were less common. You might have a great sink, but experience lost hours and soap-worn hands without a dishwasher.

Installing a dishwasher makes every day more convenient. All you need is maybe a quick rinse before you place the dishes in the dishwasher.

You can even save water, as modern dishwashers are more efficient than keeping the tap running while you wash. Including a dishwasher in your Houston kitchen remodeling plan is also a smart way to increase the home’s value. Home buyers care about dishwashers!

With a dishwasher, you can enjoy soft, uncracked hands and sparkling clean dishes. But most of all, a dishwasher gives you back time to spend with your family. 

Hiring a Plumber for Houston Kitchen Remodeling

Dishwasher installation is generally best left to the professionals. A dishwasher is a large appliance designed to fit neatly underneath your countertop. This requires a very tidy slide-in and you may prefer to have your dishwasher installed before or after the flooring is complete. There are also several plumbing considerations for adding a dishwasher during Houston kitchen remodeling projects.

Hiring a trustworthy Houston residential plumber will ensure that your dishwasher is installed correctly. It is important to hire a plumber to install your dishwasher, as there are many things that can go wrong with DIY home plumbing. You don’t want to put your home’s integrity at risk of water damage from an accidental leak.

A professional plumber ensures that the system works properly and that everything is up to code for safety and compliance with the law. 

How Your Houston Residential Plumber Installs a Dishwasher

Installing a dishwasher is an interesting and sometimes complex process. Your professional plumber will ensure your dishwasher is securely positioned and ready to clean.

First, your Houston residential plumber will install the water supply lines. Both hot and cold lines connect to the dishwasher. Usually, they tie in to the nearby kitchen tap. 

Dishwashers also need to drain. The dishwasher’s drain line typically hooks into a T-junction of the drain plumbing below your kitchen sink. 

You may also require an electrician to provide power to the area, unless your garbage disposal connects to an outlet with a spare place to plug in. Without an under-cabinet outlet, you will need a hard-wired line into the kitchen’s power circuit.

If you are building new cabinet space and countertops to accommodate your dishwasher, the next step may be to carefully align and secure the dishwasher below your countertops so the front is flush and convenient to use. 

Where to Put a New Dishwasher for Your Houston Kitchen Remodeling Project

Where is the best place to put a new dishwasher? If you are planning a Houston kitchen remodeling project, you can rearrange the entire plan to make room for your dishwasher or hide it in plain sight. Generally, the best place for your dishwasher is in the golden triangle path between the sink, stove, and fridge.

The dishwasher’s best position is next to the sink with flat counter space on top. This gives you the opportunity to soak, pre-rinse, and sometimes pre-scrub dishes before they go in the dishwasher. Having counter space above allows for easy dishwasher unloading.

This position also puts the dishwasher close to other plumbing so there’s not a lot of rerouting or extending for the water pipes. Ultimately, this saves time and money for your project.

However, if this location doesn’t work for you, another option is to add your dishwasher to a center island across from your kitchen sink. This just may require more plumbing work for your Houston kitchen remodeling project.

Santhoff Plumbing – Your Trusted Source for Houston Plumbing Remodels

Here at Santhoff Plumbing, we provide professional plumbing services to homes and families throughout the Greater Houston area. We know how important a dishwasher can be to the harmony and routine of your home. If your next Houston kitchen remodeling project includes installing a dishwasher, Santhoff is the right choice for your Houston plumbing remodels. Our experts are your go-to plumbers for maintenance, repairs, and remodels.

Since 1974, we’ve offered top-quality plumbing services as your local, family-owned and operated company. We pride ourselves on providing thorough, friendly service. 

Whether you want to talk about your renovation plans or need expert plumbing services right this moment, contact us for responsive, professional plumbing. Santhoff Plumbing is your go-to choice for residential plumbing services and renovations throughout the Greater Houston area.

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