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Houston Water Heater Repair for Hybrid Water Heaters

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Hybrid water heaters are becoming more popular as an energy-efficient choice for water heating. However, like any type of water heater, you may need Houston water heater repair from time to time for your unit. Let’s talk about hybrid water heaters, common troubleshooting tips, and maintenance to help you avoid unnecessary repairs. 

You May Need Houston Water Heater Repair for Hybrid Water Heaters

Hybrid water heaters can last longer than traditional tank-style options. However, keep in mind they will need service and repair to keep them in good condition. If you have a hybrid water heater in your home, there are several components that may need maintenance, repair, or replacement throughout the unit’s lifecycle. Therefore, it’s essential to have plumbers you trust to repair your water heater quickly and effectively for your health and comfort. 

Hybrid water heaters are different from both traditional tank water heaters and tankless water heaters. Also known as heat pump water heaters, they use two types of heating equipment to warm the water for your home. They use heating elements like other electric water heaters, but also use heating energy from a heat pump. A heat pump pulls heat and moisture from the air around it and transfers it into refrigerant inside a coil that sits inside the water heater tank. The result is that both the heating elements and the heat pump work together to heat the water in the tank. This makes them more energy efficient. It also reduces the stress on the heating elements to help the water heater last longer, and can have the added benefit of cooling your home, as heat pumps vent cool, dehumidified air. 

Of course, while there’s much less stress on the unit as a whole, parts can malfunction with normal wear and tear or misuse. Therefore, most homeowners will need Houston water heater repair services at one point or another for their water heater, no matter the style.  

Signs to Call for Houston Water Heater Repair for Your Hybrid Water Heater

Any time you have a problem with your water heater, our plumbers can help diagnose and resolve the problem. However, there are a few basic hybrid water heater troubleshooting tasks you can do yourself if you feel comfortable. Understanding what is wrong and what could be causing it can help you perform basic DIY repairs and better communicate with our team for Houston water heater repair. Here are some common problems you may run into with your water heater:

Water Heater Leaks

If your water heater is leaking, that’s a pretty good sign you need Houston plumbing repairs. Leaking water can cause major water damage throughout your home and can signal a serious problem with your water heater. There are a number of issues that can cause hybrid water heater leaks. However, one of the first things you should check is the connections, such as the inlet and outlet hoses to your water heater. In some cases, these connections can become loose over time, allowing water to drip out. Typically all you need to do is tighten the connections to fix the problem. 

Another common cause of leaks is a blocked condensate drain from the heat pump on your hybrid water heater. The condensate drain helps the heat pump get rid of water it accumulates as it draws in heat and humidity from the air. However, the condensate drain can get dirty and become clogged over time, causing drips and leaks. Generally, a good cleaning session for the condensate drain will solve this problem. 

Not Enough Hot Water

If you don’t have enough hot water, you might also need Houston water heater repair. If you don’t have any hot water, and it’s not that you simply used everything in the tank from high demand (such as running your washing machine while taking a shower), then the first step is to go check the settings on your hybrid water heater. Many water heaters have a vacation or away mode which may have been switched on accidentally. You should also check the thermostat and make sure it’s set to the recommended setting. Another thing to check is that the circuit breaker to the water heater didn’t switch off.

If you’re still having issues, then it could be that the air filter for your hybrid water heater is dirty and blocking the heat pump from drawing in heat. In this case, you’ll need to either replace the filter or clean the hybrid water heater filter, based on manufacturer instructions. Not having enough hot water can also indicate sediment buildup in the tank. 

Water is Too Hot

If the water coming from your taps is too hot, the first thing to check is the temperature setting for the water heater. If it’s set too high, your water heater can produce hot water that can even leave burns. Make sure you set your water heater to the temperature recommended by the manufacturer. If the temperature setting is correct, then you may be dealing with a malfunctioning thermostat. It could also be faulty heating elements. Call our team for Houston water heater repair services to repair or replace these parts. 

Seek Houston Water Heater Repair for Error Codes

In some cases, your water heater may also show an error code. Typically this means you need Houston water heater repair. However, you can quickly troubleshoot the error code by finding out what the code means. You can usually find error code descriptions in the user manual or on the manufacturer’s website. However, our plumbers can help determine the cause of the error code and fix the problem. 

The Heat Pump is Venting Warm Air

A unique problem you might experience with a hybrid water heater is if the heat pump is producing warm air. Remember, the heat pump takes in heat and releases cold air, typically around 62°F. Many people even strategically locate their hybrid water heaters to help with cooling their Houston home. So, if you notice the heat pump on your water heater is producing warm air, that’s a cause for concern. In most cases, this is a sign that your water heater’s heat pump is low on refrigerant. However, this can also be a symptom of dirty fans or coils. As a 24 hr. plumber in Houston, we can help you get to the bottom of the problem. 

Maintenance Tips to Reduce the Number of Houston Plumbing Repairs You Need for Your Hybrid Water Heater

One of the best ways to avoid frequent Houston water heater repairs is to perform proper maintenance for your water heater. You can typically find specific instructions for your unit in the user manual. However, here are a few general tips to help maintain your hybrid water heater:

  1. Flush the Water Heater Every Six Months
  2. Check the TPR Valve Annually
  3. Clean the Condensate Drain Annually
  4. Clean or Replace the Filter Monthly or Quarterly Per Manufacturer Guidelines
  5. Have a Plumber Inspect Your Water Heater Annually

Our plumbers are here to help with quality maintenance and repairs you can rely on. 

Need Houston Water Heater Repair? Call Santhoff Plumbing Company

Whether you need water heater repairs or are looking for regular maintenance, our team at Santhoff Plumbing is here to help. We work with water heaters of all types, sizes, and brands.  We have proudly been serving the Greater Houston community since 1974. As a family-owned and operated company, we are dedicated to your complete satisfaction. Reach out today to schedule an appointment or call our 24/7 emergency line at (713) 360-2185 for immediate service.

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