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Houston Kitchen Remodeling: Plumbing for Butler’s Pantry

Butler’s Pantry

Adding a butler’s pantry to your home is a popular Houston kitchen remodeling project. This can help improve the value of your home and seriously boost functionality for your kitchen. For this project, you will need a good plumber, as most butler’s pantries include plumbing appliances. In this article, we’ll discuss some important things to know about butler’s pantries and some key plumbing considerations if you’re planning to create a butler’s pantry in your house. 

Houston Kitchen Remodeling: Why Add a Butler’s Pantry

Historically, the butler’s pantry was a place to lock away valuable items like silverware and fine china. The butler’s room was typically close to the pantry so they could keep an eye out on the family’s finery. 

Today, the butler’s pantry has gotten a major upgrade to match modern needs, which is why butler’s pantries are making a huge comeback in homes across America. Butler’s pantries are gaining popularity because they add an extra level of functionality to your home and kitchen

These pantries are typically located right next to the kitchen for easy access. They’re lined with extra cabinets and provide extra counter space to turn them into practical prep areas. Butler pantries provide extra storage for your lesser-used dishes and appliances and are also great for hiding away things that don’t fit in your kitchen or detract from it. For instance, many people choose to put most of their countertop appliances in the butler’s pantry so they can enjoy the clean look of wide open counter space. 

However, butler’s pantries are more than just extra storage space. Otherwise, so many people wouldn’t undertake Houston kitchen remodeling projects to add one to their home. A butler’s pantry is also the ideal space for food prep, depending on the design. Many people choose to do most of the messy prep behind the closed door of the butler’s pantry so they can keep their kitchen looking pristine, whether for the family or for company they have over. 

If you frequently make large meals or entertain, then a butler’s pantry is a must-have for your kitchen, as it provides an extra space to prep food, wash dishes, and store items.

How to Add a Butler’s Pantry to Your Kitchen

Many homes being built today already have a butler’s pantry included in the floor plans. However, that doesn’t mean you need to move if you’re dying to have a butler’s pantry in your house. Instead, you may need to take on a Houston kitchen remodeling project to add the butler’s pantry you’ve been dreaming of. 

One of the biggest things to do is find the right space. Look for areas around or near your kitchen that you don’t really use. For instance, a storage closet, mudroom, breakfast nook, hallway, or even a forgotten corner in your home. Try not to cannibalize usable space from your kitchen, though. Having a functional kitchen is more important than having a butler’s pantry. 

Make Sure You Hire the Right Contractor and Plumber for your Houston Kitchen Remodeling Project

Once you choose the right space for your new butler’s pantry, the next step is to hire the right Houston kitchen remodeling team. This will usually involve a good remodeling contractor as well as an experienced Houston residential plumber for the job. 

Your remodeling contractor will handle many of the aspects of your butler’s pantry addition project. For instance, adding the walls, cabinetry, light fixtures, and other important structural and cosmetic elements. 

However, you will also need a good plumber on your Houston kitchen remodeling team. Butler’s pantries often have several plumbing fixtures to help homeowners make full use of the space. Therefore, you need a licensed master plumber to modify your home’s current plumbing system to accommodate those extra plumbing fixtures and appliances. 

Plumbing Considerations when Houston Kitchen Remodeling to Add a Butler’s Pantry

Each butler’s pantry is different and you should design it to fit your house and needs. There are several plumbing-specific considerations to think about during your Houston kitchen remodeling project to add a butler’s pantry. Here are some things to think about when it comes to the plumbing for your butler’s pantry:

Plumbing Fixtures to Add to Your Butler’s Pantry

You can add practically any plumbing fixture or appliance you would like for your butler’s pantry. Just talk to your remodeling plumber to decide whether the system can accommodate the fixtures. They can also give you a recommendation on where to place the fixtures based on where your plumbing already is as well as applicable plumbing codes. With an expert plumber’s input, it can save you a lot of money and headaches when designing your new butler’s pantry when it comes to the plumbing.

Depending on what you want to use the butler’s pantry for, there may be several plumbing fixtures or appliances you might want inside the pantry. Here are some to consider:


A lot of butler’s pantries include a sink, whether a full-sized kitchen sink or a small bowl sink. This adds a lot of utility to the space. With a sink, you can do many things, including washing your hands, washing fruits and vegetables, and washing up dishes. It also helps you make drinks if you’re hosting a cocktail hour for friends and family. So, definitely consider adding a sink to your butler’s pantry during your Houston kitchen remodeling project.


Many homeowners add a second dishwasher in their butler’s pantry as well. This can help immensely in several ways, particularly when cooking and entertaining. It allows you to run two loads of dishes at once, which can be a huge help when hosting large parties. It also helps you avoid the need to carry dirty dishes to the main kitchen when working in the butler’s pantry. 

Ice Maker

Another addition to consider for your butler’s pantry is an ice maker. These are generally hooked up to a water line to continuously make ice when you need it. They can be standalone, but a lot of refrigerators include them now as well. Adding a fridge with an ice maker has many benefits, including extra cold storage and freezer space as well as fresh ice when you need it. 

Gas Oven

Usually butler’s pantries are simply prep and storage spaces and you cook inside your kitchen itself. However, many people are going the extra mile and adding ovens and other cooking appliances to these spaces. If you prefer gas appliances, then you’ll also need your Houston residential plumber to add gas lines to power your oven, stovetop, or range.

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