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Houston Kitchen Remodeling: Plumbing Islands for Sinks

Kitchen Remodel

We all know the immense benefits of adding a hero kitchen island. But even better, you can uplift this home hub a notch higher by installing a sink on the kitchen island. An island sink can be a great idea in a multifunctioning space. Think about it: a station for prepping, cooking, and cleaning in a dedicated spot – allowing you to function while being sociable at the same time! A reliable Houston kitchen remodeling expert can help you enjoy the added flexibility and convenience of an island sink. 

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Why Consider an Island Sink for Your Houston Kitchen Remodeling Project

You’ve probably encountered islands with sinks in many model kitchens, and you’re wondering whether calling a Houston kitchen remodeling company to install one would be worthwhile. Well, the growing popularity of this design can be attributed to many motivations, including:

  • You’ll have an additional sink for prep – Nothing (or no one) limits you to having a single kitchen sink. If you cook at home most of the time, you might fancy using the island for prep, complete with a functioning sink to ease your ingredient preparation. Soak noodles, strain sauces, and wash veggies in the island sink. Then you can soak the dirty dishes in the main countertop sink.
  • You can customize your kitchen to fit your needs – An island sink can help you achieve the perfect kitchen flow. Thanks to its proximity to the oven and fridge, it could be an ideal spot, helping you achieve the famous kitchen’s “golden triangle.”
  • It helps you save on counter space – It’s easy for your kitchen’s wall space to get crowded. The sink, stove, refrigerator, and oven all compete for room. A kitchen island with a sink lets you spread things out a bit more, increasing the counter space.
  • Have a view from the kitchen Counter sinks are mostly placed by a window to offer a nice view while doing the dishes. But installing an island sink on the island would be ideal if you prefer overlooking your living area or just don’t have a window. You’ll see what’s happening, which is excellent if you have kids or enjoy interacting with guests from the kitchen.
  • Create a social center in your home – An island sink can become a social center in your home. You can place stools on the other side of the island so guests and family can talk to you as you clean up or prepare food at the sink.
  • Aesthetic value – Finally, a sink on the island is an excellent addition to your kitchen’s overall aesthetics.

Plumbing Considerations for Island Sinks During Your Houston Kitchen Remodeling Project

Whether you’re adding a sink to a new or existing kitchen island, this is a major investment. There are many considerations to ensure a successful project. Thus, you cannot afford to do it alone or choose the wrong contractors. Rather, you need a reliable plumber specializing in kitchen remodeling within the Houston area.

Sink installation generally encompasses multiple plumbing jobs. This includes drain lines, cold and hot water lines, and plumbing vents that enable air circulation within the drain and block unpleasant sewer odors.

Installing a kitchen island sink is even more complicated because all plumbing must come through the floor and connect to the island from within. The vent section, particularly, is the tricky part because this section usually hides behind a wall and then links to the larger vent heading toward the roof.

Clearly, the distance between the island and the wall cannot allow the connection. One way out is to install an island vent. This is a loop raised as high as possible within the island before eventually going downwards into the floor to link with the primary vent.

Alternatively, you can avoid the difficult job of connecting to external venting by installing an air admittance valve. This opens up whenever the pipes experience negative pressure, allowing the air to equalize. However, this option may not address your needs, especially if it has to serve your primary sink and a high-volume dishwasher.

All these considerations matter and your Houston kitchen remodeling service provider should guide you aptly.

Other Fixtures to Install in the Kitchen Island During a Houston Kitchen Remodeling Project

Adding multiple other fixtures on your kitchen island besides the sink can be tempting. But try as much as possible to avoid cluttering the space. Therefore, be sure to install the most crucial appliances.

Typically, dishwashers are placed beside the kitchen sink for dishwashing convenience and to limit the hassle of moving dirty or wet dishes from one point to the next. Therefore, this can be a valuable component to install on your island besides the sink.

For luxurious spaces, you can install a small water tap with a miniature sink specifically for drinking water. The tap specifically releases purified water and can help free up your kitchen sink for dishes and prep.

Your Houston kitchen remodeling expert will advise you accordingly on the best fixtures for your kitchen design.

Santhoff Plumbing Company – Your Trusted Plumber for Houston Plumbing Remodels

A sink in your kitchen island is one of the best decisions you can ever make. But to enjoy its full convenience and functionality, you must get the installation right. That’s why you should partner with a reputable plumber specializing in Houston plumbing remodels. The good news is you don’t have to continue searching, as Santhoff Plumbing Company can deliver the perfect island sink for your needs.  

We’re a local, family-owned, and run plumbing service provider with a track record of success and a remarkable reputation for quality service. Every team member goes above and beyond to take care of your needs and deliver to your specifications. As Houston’s best plumbing company, we started out in 1974 and have been offering expertise for all plumbing needs since then, from repairs to remodels to maintenance.

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