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Six Types of Toilet Seats: Choosing the Best Option for Your Home


Toilets serve an important function in most American households. Choosing the right toilet seat can provide added comfort for family members during these necessary activities. Our toilet repair professionals can provide homeowners with information on the available types of toilet seats and guidance on choosing the right products for their needs. Here are six of the most popular toilet seat options in the modern plumbing fixture marketplace.

Raised Toilet Seats

Ideal for disabled or wheelchair-bound family members, raised toilet seats can reduce stress on joints and bones to make it much easier to manage bathroom activities without assistance. Handrails and other devices can also be installed to ensure the greatest degree of safety for fragile or elderly people in the bathroom environment. This can ensure the highest degree of mobility for guests and residents in your home.

Heated Toilet Seats

One of the most popular entries in the modern toilet seat lineup, heated seats offer a number of key advantages for homeowners:

  • Heated toilet seats can provide therapeutic benefits for those with chronic back pain, muscle aches, and other lower back issues. By opting for these bathroom fixtures, families can turn a trip to the bathroom into a relaxing and soothing experience.
  • During the winter months, heated seats can deliver increased comfort to make cold mornings a little more bearable.
  • Programmable controls can ensure the perfect temperature setting for every season of the year.

By adding this luxurious extra to the family bathroom, homeowners may also be able to increase their home’s value at the time of resale.

Slow-Close Toilet Seats

Slow-close toilet seat lids are a relatively new arrival in the bathroom fixture marketplace and feature innovative hinge designs that prevent sudden slamming of the toilet lid after use. This automatic feature can reduce noise and lessen the risk of accidents in the bathroom.

Seats with Night Lights or Air Fresheners

Some modern toilet seats include added features like night lights or air fresheners that may be powered by electrical wiring or by batteries. Carbon filters may also be integrated into these systems to reduce odors and keep bathrooms smelling fresh and clean. While these bells and whistles may not be required in all bathrooms, they can ensure a more pleasant experience for families who share bathroom space on a regular basis.

Cushioned Toilet Seats

Cushioned seats can sometimes inspire extreme reactions. While some homeowners appreciate the added comfort and softness of these plumbing components, others may perceive these seats as unsanitary or difficult to clean. Personal preference is generally the best guide when deciding on cushioned or non-cushioned toilet seats.

Basic Toilet Seats

A residential plumber can also provide guidance on choosing bare-bones options for the family bathroom. Homeowners can opt for one of two basic configurations:

  • Round toilet seats generally have a smaller profile and are designed to fit around toilets.
  • Oblong toilets offer a somewhat more capacious seating area and look best when combined with oblong seats.

A number of different materials are also available to suit most budgets and interior design choices.

  • Plastic seats are typically easier to clean. These fixtures are usually fabricated from resin, thermoset, or thermoplastic materials and are resistant to scratches and stains.
  • Wood toilet seats can be painted or stained to suit your interior décor but may not stand up to repeated use and abuse as well as their plastic counterparts.

These low-cost options can provide an acceptable bathroom experience for families without representing a significant drain on budget resources.

By working with an established and reliable plumbing company, families can ensure optimal comfort in the bathroom environment. Whether you are considering a heated toilet seat with all the extras or a simple plastic replacement seat and cover, consulting with a plumbing professional can ensure that your installation goes smoothly and according to plan.

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