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Houston Plumber Renovation Tips


January through March is the best time to renovate a home, which means your window for hiring a Houston residential plumber for your remodel is approaching quickly. It’s easy for most people to pick which aspects look aesthetically pleasing, but many don’t consider the logistic side of the kitchen. Here’s a few tips on what to consider in your kitchen remodel.

Develop a Good Flow

Stovetop cooking will most likely warrant a good amount of water from the sink, so you wouldn’t want the sink to be far away from the stove. You don’t want the cabinets to be located in inconvenient places where they don’t make sense either. To avoid hopping around the kitchen to get a meal ready, plan the logistics of the kitchen in a way that makes sense.

Avoid Cramped Spaces

If you’re into cooking with a partner, you’ll want an ample amount of space to move around. Don’t let the bells and whistles of fancy kitchen limit the movement and flow of the cooking process. Design out walkways to ensure everyone in the kitchen is comfortable, and stays safe while cooking. The same goes for cabinet and appliance doors. Measure out how much space is needed to make sure when the doors are open, they won’t slam into anything else.

Keep the Range Organized

Keeping all the spices in the pantry doesn’t make a lot of sense when you’re
cooking up a storm. Design a stove area with storage for spices, oils, cooking utensils, and anything else that would be useful. It’s more efficient, and reduces the possibility of kitchen mishaps by keeping the cook in one area of the kitchen. Another good tool to install near the cooking range is a pot filler. A pot filler makes it easy to fill pots with water on the stove, which is great for people with back problems to help avoid back strain. Adding this feature also allows for the sink to be closer to other kitchen amenities.

Add Extra Outlets

You don’t realize how precious outlets are until you run of outlets to plug things into. While going through this renovation process, plan for more outlet plugs to be added to the backsplash. On a heavy cooking holiday, you’ll be glad you installed those extra power outlets.

Keep the Design Interesting

While solid, wooden cabinets have been popular in the past, it’s beginning to look outdated and heavy. Most people are looking for an open, airy feel to kitchen these days. While the basic box of a wooden cabinet is fine, try updating the cabinet doors with something more open, such as glass. Glass doors on the basic, wooden box of a cabinet gives a luxurious feel, plus they’re perfect for displaying nice dishes.

Color Schemes

If the kitchen area isn’t large, we’d advise against using dark-colored paint, countertops, appliances, and wood. Light colors make a space seem bigger. If your kitchen is large, it’d be more acceptable to go with a darker theme. In the case that you’re fixing up your kitchen to sell, don’t add any features specific to a certain taste (i.e. don’t go for a retro 1940s-themed kitchen).

Even if you’re remodeling your kitchen for your own personal use, with no intent on selling, you should take these tips into consideration. It’ll make cooking easier for you, and updating with new appliances could possibly lower your electric bill. Call Santhoff, your Houston plumbing company soon to schedule your renovation for the new year!

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