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How To Know When You Should Replace Your Toilet


In most cases, people do not give much thought to their toilet. However, when it starts to malfunction, it can be a nightmare. Sometimes, you can do a quick fix yourself or have it repaired by a Houston plumber. If it continuously gives you problems, you may need to have it replaced. The cost of frequent repairs can add up quickly. The trick is to be able to determine when your toilet should be replaced.

Your toilet might look like it still has years of service remaining. If it keeps giving you problems, a Houston plumbing company can come to your home or business to replace it. There are a few warning signs that it is time to get a new toilet.

Common Toilet Troubles

Here are some problems you might have with your toilet.

It requires frequent repairs: Fixing a toilet can require replacing a few items, including the flapper ball, the fill valve and the handle. These parts can nickel and dime you to death over the long run, and they are time-consuming to remove and replace. Comparing the cost of regular repairs to the price of a new toilet is a good idea particularly if it has any of the other problems listed below. If you are planning to remodel your bathroom in the near future, it is probably wise to go ahead and replace it. Replacement costs more initially, but it will save money over the course of time.

It gets clogged regularly: Plunging your toilet every week due to clogs can be a real nuisance and is not very pleasant. Some older low-flow toilets have to be flushed more than once almost every time they are used. They can get clogged easily for no apparent reason. If you are suffering from this headache, it is time to have a Houston water heater repair company that provides full plumbing services to replace it with a new, more efficient model. Modern low-flow toilets are far better than the older ones.

The porcelain is cracked: Hairline cracks can form in the porcelain of your toilet. They can turn into a leaky mess. Check the bowl and the tank whenever you clean it. If you see cracks, it is a good idea to replace the entire unit before there is a serious problem. A crack in the bowl is not as bad as one in the tank, but you should watch for leaks when you flush it. A leaking toilet can ruin your floor.

The surface is scratched: If the surface of the bowl gets scratched or worn down, you will find that it is harder to clean. Usually, this only happens to older toilets that have been scrubbed frequently for years. It will also be difficult to clean if mineral deposits have formed because you have hard water. If you have to scrub your toilet over and over, you should probably save yourself the extra work and have it replaced with a nice new toilet.

It uses too much water: A toilet can use a lot of water especially with a large family. Your water bill will be reduced considerably if you replace an old one that uses 3 or 5 gallons per flush with a low-flush model that only uses 2 gallons. You will save money, and you will be helping the environment by conserving water. The cost of utilities climbs higher every year, so this investment will pay for itself quickly.

These tips and warning signs should help you decide whether to repair or replace your toilet if it is malfunctioning.

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