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Buying The Best Faucets For Your Home


Selecting a new or replacement faucet seems like an easy task. However, once you begin the process, you will find an overwhelming selection of faucets in various finishes and styles. A Houston plumber would recommend researching your purchase thoroughly so that you find the perfect faucet for your home and your wallet. You should consider several factors as you undertake your quest.

Obviously, the first thing you notice about a faucet is its appearance. You certainly want one that fits your decor, but looks should not be the determining factor. Faucets need to be functional, convenient and dependable. After those requirements are satisfied, you can find the faucet that will complement your kitchen or bathroom.

A kitchen faucet will set you back more than a bath faucet because it has more features. Expect to pay in the neighborhood of $65 for a bath faucet and around $100 for a good-quality kitchen faucet. You will see less expensive faucets for sale, but the lower cost will usually translate into a unit of lower quality that will eventually break down and have to be replaced by a Houston plumbing company.

You want your new faucet to have the right features. Reliability and durability are more important than too many bells and whistles that you do not need and probably will not use enough to justify the added cost. Here are a few points to consider.

  • The required height and length
  • Single or multiple control handles
  • The number of holes in your sink

Faucet spouts vary considerably in length and height. A faucet that does not fit will be worthless. Usually, you can find the right combination of design and size that will satisfy your needs. For instance, a tall spout will not work if there is a shelf above your sink. If you have a three-bowl kitchen sink, a short spout may not reach all the bowls. If the faucet for your bathroom sink is too short, you will splash water behind it when you wash your hands. Faucets with ceramic valves last longer, are less likely to leak, and cost about the same as those with other types of valves.

You might consider replacing the faucets if you are having a Houston water heater repair. Then, you can ask for some advice on the best faucets for your sinks and bathtub or shower.

Make sure you choose a faucet with a finish that matches the nearby towel bars, mirror, cabinet knobs, and handles. Mismatched faucets ruin the continuity. If you are going to replace all the hardware in your kitchen, for example, you can easily find matching faucets in a bronze, satin nickel, or polished chrome finish. They will all retain their new appearance for years. Chrome is the most durable finish and the easiest to keep clean, which is why it is the most popular.

Nickel finishes are durable, but they are also more likely to accumulate water spots and fingerprints. If they are coated to reduce staining or smudging, the coating may chip or wear away over time. Bronze coatings can also show signs of wear. Although bronze is tough, it is not as durable as polished chrome.

Sinks are pre-configured with a certain number of holes. Usually, they have one for the spout and one or two for the handles. Be sure to buy a faucet that matches the number of holes in your sink. If you select a pull-down faucet, you will probably end up with an extra hole, but you can use the extra hole for a soap dispenser.

A single-handle faucet is easier to use than one with two handles. However, faucets with two handles are more symmetric. It is also easier to control the temperature with just one handle.

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