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Benefits of Having a Kitchen Sink Garbage Disposal


Your local Houston plumber can make you a hero by installing a garbage disposal in your kitchen. This unseen piece of old-school mechanics will allow you to do your part to save the environment. Your kitchen will also be more hygienic and your post-meal cleanups will be easier than they are currently. Plus, a kitchen sink garbage disposal saves you money in the short and long run.

Going Green Means Going Clean.

No matter how efficient you are, nearly every meal creates food scraps. Some occur during preparation, such as potato peels or lemon rinds. Others are left on the plate or in the serving bowl. You have a few options when it comes to dealing with them.

  • If you include these table scraps with your other trash, you can have it taken to a landfill by putting it out with your scheduled garbage pickup. The world does not need another bag or two of garbage in the landfill every week. By having a Houston plumbing company install a new disposal or replace your old one, you are doing your part to help reduce greenhouse gases like methane. Landfills are methane factories, and methane harms the environment. By reducing your garbage by 50 to 100 bags per year, your landfill will produce less methane. You will also decrease the gasses that are dissipated when the garbage trucks carry the waste to the landfill.
  • You can start composting, but that requires a considerable expenditure of time. If you are not a gardener, you will not see major benefits from composting.

You can have a garbage disposal installed in your kitchen. This is the best choice for the following reasons.

  1. It makes mealtime cleanups easy and quick. You do not have to wrap up small bits of leftovers, which will reduce your use of plastic bags, plastic wrap and other storage products. You will be saving money from the first day your disposal is installed. You do not need advanced education to use a disposal. Even the least tech-savvy person can turn on the water to create a steady stream into the disposal. Then, the food scraps that you want to discard are inserted into the unit. The machine will grind it into minute pieces that flow from your home to a wastewater treatment plant where it is recycled into fertilizer and energy sources.
  2. Since you do not have to put your table scraps in the under-the-sink kitchen trash can, your kitchen will be more pleasant. Odors from the trash container will not permeate the room, and bacteria will be less likely to spread to your countertops through the air when you remove the bag of garbage. You may not even need a garbage can beneath the sink after you have disposal installed. You have less housework and enjoy a cleaner, more hygienic kitchen.
  3. Those under-the-sink trash containers attract unwanted visitors, such as ants, roaches, and helps eliminate rodents from looking for food in your outside trash bin. None of these invaders will hang around your home for very long if there is no food source for them.
  4. Maintenance is simple. A Houston water heater repair plumbing technician does not have to maintain your disposal. Simply run some baking soda and vinegar through it weekly to keep it smelling fresh, and feed it some ice cubes every so often to keep the impeller sharp.
  5. If you buy a high-efficiency disposal, you will save money by using less water and power to run the unit.
  6. You can avoid costly plumber emergency repairs because any food scraps that go down the drain are pulverized and will not clog your pipes.

A garbage disposal in the kitchen sink is good for the environment, your kitchen, and your plumbing. The benefits of having one installed are immediately apparent.

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