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Preparing Your Home For The Houston Plumber


While fixing home issues is empowering, some issues require more than a homeowner’s touch. The big, tough jobs require a professional to take over. Once a plumber is called, you may believe that the rest of the issue is up to him to fix. You didn’t think you could get off that easy, did you? The hard part may be done by someone else, but plumbers can use your help when preparing the area being worked on. Do these things to make it easier on the plumber:

We’re hoping that you know where your plumbing is located. When buying a home, it’s smart to poke around a little bit to get familiar with where everything is. Don’t forget the plumbing when inspecting the home! Main water valves and heaters are a ‘must-know’ for any homeowner. Make sure you’re able to point the plumber in the right direction upon asking where plumbing parts are located.

Understand the basics of what the problem is. We’re not suggesting that you be an expert on plumbing. That’s why you called us, after all. The bare explanation of where the problem is, how long the problem has been going on, and if you did anything to remedy the situation yourself should be enough information. Be ready with answers once the plumber gets to your home.

The next step is to clear off the area where the plumbing problem is located. Doing this beforehand saves time for the plumber, thus allowing him/her to get out of your home and onto other jobs faster. Take all decorations, rugs, toiletries, and anything else cluttering up the area out of the room. That way there’s a blank slate for the plumber to work with.

Finally, once the plumber is on his/her way, take the last step of securing pets. Keep pets in a closed room so they don’t bother the plumber. This is especially important if you have a pet that is less than friendly. Issues often occur when unfriendly pets attack workers. That makes the plumber less likely to finish the job.

Don’t forget these tips next time you need plumbing work done. It will make both your and the plumber’s experience much faster, easier, and stress-free. Santhoff Plumbing is available 24/7 for all of your emergency plumbing needs!

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