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Benefits of Ceramic Disc Faucets for Residential and Commercial Plumbing Installations


Advances in modern plumbing have made it more reliable and versatile than ever before. Ceramic disc faucets are one of the newest arrivals in the industry and offer real benefits for home and office use. Consulting with an experienced Houston plumber can ensure that you get the most cost-effective and practical solutions for all your residential and commercial plumbing needs. Here are some of the most important points to consider when choosing a ceramic disc faucet for your home or office.

How Ceramic Disc Faucets Work

Traditional faucets use rubber or plastic washers to connect various components of these fixtures and to prevent water leaks. Ceramic disc faucets, by contrast, use durable ceramic discs to allow and stop water flow. These discs are paired and rotate to allow full flow, partial flow or shut off with greater precision and less wear on the entire plumbing system.

Benefits of Ceramic Disc Faucets

Ceramic discs offer significant advantages over rubber and plastic varieties, including the following:

  • Ceramic is far more durable than rubber or plastic, allowing it to last longer. It can also stand up to extremes of temperature more effectively than other fixture options.
  • The structural components of these advanced faucets are designed to protect the valve and reduce wear and tear on this critical component of your kitchen or bathroom.
  • The innovative design of ceramic disc faucets requires only a small turn to operate. This is in sharp contrast to traditional faucets, which can require two or more turns to open fully.
  • Prices for ceramic disc faucet models are roughly comparable to those that use rubber or plastic parts. Replacement parts for these faucets can cost much less than those for traditional faucets, making ceramic disc models a truly affordable choice for most homeowners and businesses.
  • Your Houston residential plumber can also install accessories to ensure safe temperatures and to limit the flow of your faucet. These add-on components can significantly improve the utility and safety of your fixtures in the kitchen or bathroom.

By opting for these modern faucets, you can enjoy the benefits of greater longevity and increased reliability.

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