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Proper Gas Light Maintenance

Gas Light

Gas lights can create a beautiful ambience for your home or business. In most cases, repair and maintenance of these lighting installations should be left to your Houston plumber for your own safety. Here are some helpful gas light troubleshooting tips to keep your gas lights bright and working properly for optimal performance and safety.

Determine What Type of Gas Light You Have

Gas lamps and lights are available in two basic types:

  • Gas mantle lamps use a specialized wick to create bright light when supplied with gas and ignited.
  • Open flame gas lamps work without a wick and burn gas directly.

Your Houston residential plumber can identify which type of gas light you have. If you are considering a new installation, these knowledgeable professionals can also provide expert advice on the best type for your home or business.

Replace Gas Mantles Regularly

Gas mantle lamps require regular maintenance to continue functioning properly. If your gas lamp flickers excessively, burns more dimly or does not work at all, it is essential to call your local plumbing expert to resolve these issues right away. Replacing the gas mantle is usually the best resolution for these problems and can provide you with added confidence that the job will be done correctly the first time.

Clean Bug Screens and Burner Tips

The screens on your lamp need regular cleaning to ensure adequate air flow to your gas flame. Burner tips can also become contaminated by bugs, lint and other materials and may need cleaning to restore proper performance. You can sometimes perform these cleanings at home or can call a Houston plumber to clean your bug screens and burner tips during your annual checkup. This can sometimes prevent problems before they occur.

Install a Cutoff Switch

If your gas flame or gas mantle lamp does not already have an on-off switch, your plumber can install one to provide you with a convenient and safe way to extinguish these lighting sources when necessary. A cutoff switch can allow you to turn off the gas to your lamp if repairs or maintenance are necessary and can provide you with added flexibility when you will be away from home for an extended period. A qualified Houston plumbing company can install these features to help you increase the safety and convenience of your gas light solutions.

At Santhoff Plumbing Company, we offer comprehensive Houston water heater repair, the installation, maintenance, and repair of gas lines and lights and all residential and commercial plumbing services designed to ensure that your systems work properly year after year. Call us today at (713) 360-2185 to schedule maintenance for your gas lights or for any of your other plumbing needs. We look forward to serving you.

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