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Toddler Toilet Safety Tips From A Houston Plumbing Company

Toddler Toilet Safety

Any parent will tell you that children can get into anything. Literally anything. Whether or not you think it’s possible is immaterial because they will find a way to get into anything. We’ve written before about the importance of keeping children safe in the bathroom, but the toilet is a whole other matter especially when it comes to costly Houston toilet repairs. While the toilet can be dangerous for your child, your child can also be dangerous for the toilet. Here’s how to specifically childproof the toilet and keep your child safe at the same time-

Teach Them How to Flush

While it sounds trivial to an adult, most children have no idea how to flush a toilet unless they’ve watched their parents do it enough times. Even then, they may not grasp what a toilet actually does and where the waste goes after it has been flushed. This is likely why so many parents report that their children have flushed items down the toilet that should not have been flushed. This is not only annoying, but it can damage the toilet resulting in the need for a Houston toilet repair. Explain this to your child in words that they’ll understand. Make sure they know that once something goes down the toilet, it’s not coming back. With guidance, the child will eventually get used to toilet flushing.

Lock The Lid

Since children aren’t used to watching the water swirl, they’re mesmerized by it. If you take away the fascinating water aspect, there’s nothing special about the toilet. With this being said, consider installing a toilet seat lock so your child can’t open the lid. Not only will this stop them from playing with the toilet and wasting water, but it can also save their life. Many parents don’t realize that the toilet is an overlooked drowning hazard. Children try to climb into the toilet, not understanding the danger that lies within and not being able to push their way out of the toilet.  

Turn Off the Water Valve

Turning on and off the water valve isn’t as difficult as it may sound. The valve is generally found right behind the toilet and only requires a small turn for the toilet to fill up with water again. This idea helps in two ways. It gives the child nothing to play with since the water is not in the toilet. From a safety standpoint, since there’s no water in the toilet, the child can’t drown. They could possibly bump their head, but a bump is definitely preferred over the possibility of drowning. Just be sure to inform guests of how to turn the water back on so they’re not left puzzled in the bathroom.

Remove The Toilet Chain

Like turning off the water valve, the toilet chain that connects the flush lever is easy to take on and off. This also keeps children from playing with the toilet as if it’s a toy. Once again, be sure to let guests know how to put the chain back on the flushing lever. There’s nothing more embarrassing for a guest than having toilet issues in a host’s home.

All of these ideas are worth a try, but it is definitely worth noting that children need to be taught bathroom safety and rules at some point. Use the last three suggestions as learning crutches until your child is able to understand the process. If you take your chances and your child decides to flush items that are not meant to be flushed, you know who to call for a Houston toilet repair.

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