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Why You Should Have a Bathroom Exhaust Fan


Did you just move into a place without a bathroom fan and think you can make it work without one? Think again! From keeping humidity in check to increasing privacy, these inexpensive bathroom fixtures usually take a Houston plumber about an hour to install and tackle multiple issues at the same time.

Lower Humidity

Bathrooms are humid. Sinks, showers, bathtubs, and toilets all use water, which evaporates and increases your home’s relative humidity. Where there is moisture, mold follows. At best, you will get a musty odor in your home. At worst, you could get black mold, which could necessitate ripping out and replacing your walls or more. Prolonged periods of high moisture can also cause wallpaper to peel, drywall to crumble, and wood to warp. Exhaust fans quickly pull humid air up and out of your home.

Remove Unpleasant Odors

Bathrooms are often home to undesirable odors. These range from the obvious, which are exactly the odors that you are thinking of right now, to the less obvious, such as those odors caused by harsh cleaning chemicals. Exhaust fans can also help control odors throughout the entire house. Did you just paint the living room walls? Turn on the bathroom fan to help keep the house from being overpowered by the smell of new paint!

White Noise

A sizable portion of the population appreciates exhaust fans for the white noise they provide. Everyone has to use the restroom multiple times every single day, but many people grow anxious if they must take care of their biological needs when company is around. Turning on the bathroom fan is a great way to drown out any noises you are making.

Code Requirements

To somebody who has always had a bathroom exhaust fan, it can come as a shock to learn that they are not explicitly required in most locations. Bathroom ventilation, in general, is required, but in most cases, having an operable window is enough to meet code. Bathrooms lacking a window typically require an exhaust fan, and even if they do not, the last thing you want is a humid, smelly room in the middle of your house with no way to ventilate. Check with your Houston plumber to find out what you need.

Upgrades and Options

A bathroom exhaust fan does not just have to be an exhaust fan. Some models also include lights, heaters, or both. Additionally, different models can produce wildly different sound levels, ranging from fans so quiet you can’t tell they are on to ones that sound like a leaf blower.

Looking for more great information covering everything from ventilation to Houston toilet repair? Whether you need help picking out the perfect bathroom fan for your home, a Houston water heater repair, or fixing a leaky faucet, the pros at Santhoff Plumbing Company have you covered! Give us a call at (713) 360-2185 today.

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