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Flushing Wipes Can Cause Serious Clogs

Flushing Wipes

Disposable wipes are a good way to manage personal hygiene and to create the cleanest feeling for you and your family. However, flushing these wipes can result in serious clogs that may require the help of a Houston plumber to resolve. Disposing of these wipes without flushing them down the toilet will protect your pipes from blockages and clogs.

Potential Problems Caused by Flushing Disposable Wipes

Flushing your disposable wipes can lead to slow draining or no draining at all from your toilet. Serious blockages can also lead to backups in sinks and bathtubs. This can make your home a less healthy environment for your family. Making it a habit to throw away wipes rather than flushing them could potentially save you money on plumbing repairs in the Houston area.

Even Flushable Wipes Can Cause Problems

Although some wipes advertise that they are flushable, they can accumulate in pipes to create blockages that are difficult to dislodge. In this context, flushable usually just means that these items will fit down your pipes. While one or two may pass through your pipes without problems, frequent flushing of wipes may lead to a blockage that requires Houston residential plumber services.

Not Recommended for Septic Systems

Septic tanks require special attention and care. Because disposable wipes are non-biodegradable, they will not break down and dissolve like most toilet paper products. This can result in premature filling and more frequent visits from your Houston plumbing company. Disposing of wipes in trash cans is a much safer strategy in all cases. For families with septic tank systems, it is critical to maintain the health and functionality of their system.

Wipes Attract Other Materials

If disposable wipes adhere to the sides of pipes or collect in bends, they can serve as a platform for other materials to stick. This creates clogs and blockages that will require removal by a qualified Houston plumber. Throwing disposable wipes away can eliminate this risk to reduce your need for professional plumbing services now and in the future.

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