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Drain Strainers Prevent a Houston Plumbing Stoppage

Drain Strainer

Houston plumbing stoppage is annoying and can even cause major damage to your plumbing or your home. If you notice a slow-moving or even completely blocked drain, your Houston plumbing company can remove the clog and clean out your drains. However, you can also take steps to avoid a Houston plumbing stoppage. One thing you can do is keeping solids out of your drains. Drain strainers are an easy, hassle-free, and inexpensive way to help protect your plumbing from clogs. However, be sure to choose the right one for your needs.

Common Causes of a Houston Plumbing Stoppage

In many cases, a Houston plumbing stoppage is completely preventable. However, many people aren’t aware of why they occur, and therefore can’t take the necessary steps to stop them. In kitchen sinks, buildup from food waste is generally the culprit for blocked kitchen drains. While many believe that running their garbage disposal will prevent clogs in their kitchen sink drains, garbage disposals can’t handle all types of food waste. Some food items that you should never put down your drains include:

  • Coffee grounds
  • Egg shells
  • Fruit and vegetable peels
  • Pasta
  • Bones
  • Produce stickers
  • Nuts

In the bathroom, hair is one of the main causes of a Houston plumbing stoppage. However, there are many other items that can accidentally go down and block your bathroom drains. For example, some of the most common items we find in bathroom sinks include toothpaste caps and rings. Some other items that could block drains in your bathroom include:

  • Cotton balls
  • Bath salts
  • Medicine
  • Children’s bathtub toys

As you can see, there are many things that may cause clogged drains in your home. Your Houston plumbing company recommends avoiding putting these objects down your drain to prevent costly and frequent plumbing repair and drain snaking.

Using Drain Strainers Helps Prevent a Houston Plumbing Stoppage

Of course, sometimes it’s difficult to stop things like food waste and hygiene products from going down your drains. Oftentimes, a Houston plumbing stoppage is a result of accidentally dropping something down your drains. However, drain strainers can help make it easier to catch solids from going down and clogging your drains. These items are generally inexpensive and easy to install. Therefore, they are a great investment to help protect your plumbing.

Types of Drain Strainers to Avoid a Houston Plumbing Stoppage

Drain strainers come in a variety of different sizes, so it’s important to measure your drains before purchasing them. Additionally, they come in many different types. They may be metal or silicone and can have bigger or smaller holes. Therefore, you have many options to choose from to help prevent a Houston plumbing stoppage.

Back Nut Strainer

A back nut strainer is generally used for kitchen sinks. This strainer actually stays in place by using a back nut, which joins the sink to your plumbing system. Therefore, it’s a great, long-term solution. However, one drawback is that it can be difficult to clean, since it’s not very practical to remove it each time. This means you’ll likely need to scoop out any food debris that it may catch.

Double Cup Strainer

A double cup strainer is another common kitchen sink strainer. This is similar to the back nut strainer in that it attaches the same way. However, this option offers some extra functionality. Most come with a simple push or pull system that allow you to keep water inside your sink or allow it to drain while still catching debris that could cause a Houston plumbing stoppage.

Flange Strainer

A flange strainer attaches to the bottom of your sink to help prevent drain clogs. You might find these types of strainers in either a kitchen or a bathroom sink. They fasten to your sink with the flat rim that sits flush against the bottom of your sink.

Level Strainer

A level strainer is another great way to help prevent a Houston plumbing stoppage. This strainer sits in the drain and can be used to either keep water inside the sink or to strain water as you drain it. You simply turn it one way or the other to change between these two applications.

Sink Basket Strainer

A sink basket strainer sits inside your sink drain to help catch large debris that can cause a clog in your drains. This type of drain strainer is easy to remove, as it isn’t screwed into or fastened to your sink. You simply place the cup-shaped strainer to fit over the drain in your sink. Because it’s so easy to remove, it can also be easy to clean out. However, you must remember to put it back in place if you do remove it.

Shower Drain Screen

Drains strainers aren’t just for your sinks, you should also use them for tub and shower drains to catch hair and other debris that can clog your shower’s plumbing. A drain screen for your shower is a great solution. This type of drain strainer sits on top of the drain and catches debris before it slips into the drain. However, if they aren’t well designed, they can move and slip away from the drain.

In-Drain Shower Drain Strainer

Also, you may choose an in-drain shower strainer to prevent clogs in your shower or bathtub. In contrast to drain screen options, these products sit slightly inside the drain and catch debris shortly after it enters the drain. It is slightly less complicated to install, but there’s little chance of it moving around and not catching the hair and debris that might slip into your shower drain. If you choose this option, remember to check it regularly to remove any debris.

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