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Houston Kitchen Remodeling: Farmhouse Sinks & Plumbing

Kitchen Remodeling

Taking on a Houston kitchen remodeling project? Consider installing a gorgeous farmhouse sink! These kitchen sinks offer style and functionality that practically every home chef will appreciate. Farmhouse sinks, also known as apron sinks, are incredibly popular because they offer a great focal point for your kitchen and also make food prep and washing dishes easier. Let’s talk about farmhouse sinks and how our plumbers can help with farmhouse sink installation.

Why Install a Farmhouse Sink During Houston Kitchen Remodeling?

First of all, what is a farmhouse sink? It’s a common misconception that any large, single-basin kitchen sink is a farmhouse sink. That’s not really the case. Farmhouse sinks are kitchen sinks that sit flush against the front of your cabinets. Basically, your belly likely touches the sink while you’re washing dishes. They also tend to be quite large, deep, and often do have one single basin. Of course, there are many different options for size and number of basins to fit your needs.

Some reasons you might choose a farmhouse sink for your kitchen include:

  • Distinct look
  • Large sink space for washing and food prep
  • You don’t have to lean over countertops to wash dishes

Farmhouse sinks come in a huge range of styles, materials, and configurations. They can suit almost any kitchen. A kitchen remodeling project in Houston is the perfect time to install a new farmhouse sink. This way, you can make sure your new countertops and cabinets fit the sink. This is also the ideal time to install the special supports that farmhouse sinks need because they’re a lot heavier than many other kinds of sinks.

How Does Houston Kitchen Sink Installation Work?

If you want a new farmhouse sink for your home, then you’ll need Houston kitchen sink installation from a licensed plumber. For major remodels, you likely have a contractor helping you. If this is the case, then we work with the remodel contractor for smooth, streamlined plumbing services.

Once the cabinets are cut to size and installed, then we place the sink on the special supports. This usually takes a couple of people because farmhouse sinks can be heavy. Once in place and level, we can get to work on the plumbing. Our plumbers will need to hook up your new sink to drain lines, drain vents, and hot and cold water supply lines. We’ll also install the faucet so your sink is ready to use as soon as possible. It’s that simple when you choose our expert plumbers for farmhouse sink installation!

Plumbing Considerations for Farmhouse Sink Installation During Houston Kitchen Remodeling

Now, just because it sounds easy to install a new farmhouse sink doesn’t mean you don’t need a plumber. First of all, it’s illegal to perform plumbing services without a license. More than that, there are a lot of plumbing considerations for a new farmhouse sink. There are some common plumbing services and components that many homeowners don’t even realize they will need for their new farmhouse sink. In fact, consulting with a plumber before you purchase the new sink is often a good idea. This can help you get the full picture of the project and choose the right options for your needs and budget.

Garbage Disposals and Apron Sinks

If you want a garbage disposal connected to your farmhouse sink, you might be tempted to buy both without talking to your plumber. However, this could be a mistake that could cost you time and money during your Houston kitchen remodeling project. The problem is they might not fit together. 

We’ve seen many projects go awry because the sink was so deep that the garbage disposal wouldn’t fit underneath it. Usually, this means buying a new garbage disposal that is the right size. However, in some cases you might have to skip the disposal altogether if the sink is really deep. Our plumbing experts are here to help you find solutions. We want you to get your dream kitchen! That’s why we offer plumbing consultations for remodeling projects. We can help find the right options before you purchase your new sink and fixtures.

Moving Drain Lines During Houston Kitchen Remodeling

Another reason to have a plumber help with Houston kitchen sink installation is that the drain lines may need to move for your farmhouse sink. You see, there are many sink plumbing codes that apply to drain lines. Things like ensuring that the P-trap is level, that the lines from the sink to the P-trap are shorter than a certain length, and other stipulations are all there to help make sure your home is up to code and your plumbing works correctly. Since farmhouse sinks are often larger and deeper than other kitchen sinks, our plumbers may need to do some work to ensure your sink plumbing is up-to-code. 

One of the most common things we see for farmhouse sink installation is needing to move the drain line lower. Often, the drain line coming out of the wall in your kitchen will be too high once you install a deeper sink. In these cases, we’ll need to fix the plumbing inside the wall to allow for that pipe to sit low enough to connect it to the farmhouse sink. 

You May Need a New Sink Flange

One thing that surprises many homeowners about farmhouse sink installation is that they typically need a different sink flange. The flange is the piece that fits around the drain hole in the bottom of the sink and also connects to the drain line or garbage disposal. What many don’t realize is that they will often need a special extended flange for their farmhouse sink. This is because farmhouse sinks are often much thicker than other types of kitchen sinks, so a standard flange likely won’t be long enough to connect the sink to the drain or garbage disposal. 

Faucet Placement for a New Farmhouse Sink

Let’s not forget about the faucet! Faucet styles can vary widely and which one you choose largely depends on your kitchen’s aesthetic. However, it’s also important to talk to your plumber about which faucet will work best for the sink. Plumbing codes also dictate faucet spout height from sinks. For instance, if your farmhouse sink sits below or flush with the countertops, then the faucet will likely need to sit at least three inches above the flood rim. However, if you have a sink that sits above the countertop, then usually the spout needs to be six inches above the bottom of the sink. Our plumbers can help you choose the right faucets to ensure your new sink is up to code for best results. 

Houston’s Best Plumbing Experts at Santhoff Plumbing Company

If you need a plumber, call our team at Santhoff Plumbing! As Houston’s best plumbing company, we offer full-service solutions for your plumbing needs. Whether you’re taking on a complete remodel or need emergency repairs for your water heater at 2 A.M., our team is here for you. Call us now at (713) 360-2185 to schedule a free plumbing remodel consultation or call us 24 hours a day 7 days a week at (713) 360-2185 for emergency service.

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