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Houston Bathroom Remodeling: Shower Plumbing Upgrades

Luxurious Shower

Houston bathroom remodeling projects include many different plumbing fixtures. Shower plumbing is a common area of attack for upgrades. There are many common upgrades to consider during your remodel project. Many of these shower upgrades require a plumber’s help, but there are a few things you can DIY if you’re not taking on a full remodel project. Let’s talk about shower plumbing upgrades. 

When to Hire a Plumber for Houston Bathroom Remodeling

Hiring a plumber is a good idea for many different Houston bathroom remodeling projects. Most remodel projects involve plumbing fixtures and pipes. A plumbing expert can help with things like installing fixtures, replacing old pipes, and moving water lines. When remodeling a bathroom, it makes sense to at least have a consultation with a plumber to see if you need plumbing services for your project. This also allows you to get an estimate for the plumbing work needed to turn your ideas into a reality. In addition, keep in mind that it’s illegal to do any plumbing work in Texas without a license and that there may be several plumbing codes that apply to your remodel project. Therefore, make sure you hire a professional for all your plumbing needs.

Houston Plumbing Remodels for Showers

The shower is one of the most important parts of your bathroom, so it’s common to upgrade shower plumbing during a remodel. For instance, moving and adding shower heads are popular upgrades to help customize your shower. Here are some common shower plumbing upgrades to consider for your bathroom renovation:

Installing Two Shower Heads During Houston Bathroom Remodeling

There are many reasons Houston homeowners install multiple shower heads in their showers. Dual shower heads create an even more luxurious shower experience. Multiple shower heads look upscale and give you a full-body shower experience. There are a few options to achieve this, and some things to consider for your bathroom.

2-in-1 Shower Head

If you’re not undergoing a complete Houston bathroom remodeling project, you might be looking for options to install two shower heads without accessing the pipes behind the walls. There is a simpler option you may even be able to DIY if you want multiple shower heads without tearing out your shower tiles. In many cases you can purchase 2-in-1 shower head units at your local hardware store. These typically include a fixed shower head and a detachable shower head. Installing these is just like installing any other showerhead. You should always follow manufacturer instructions for shower head installation. However, typically all you need to do is screw the new shower head onto the threads of the shower arm. In some cases you may need to wrap the threads of the shower head with plumbers tape. 

Installing Separate Shower Heads During Houston Bathroom Remodeling

Now, if you’re taking on a bathroom renovation where you plan on re-tiling your shower, then you can install two or more separate shower heads. These Houston plumbing remodels are best left to a professional plumber. Typically, this involves adding additional plumbing to accommodate the extra shower heads. It’s common to install both a rain shower head on the ceiling and then another shower head on the wall. Another option is to have shower head on separate walls as a “his and hers” shower. In many cases, this is a project that requires permits and expertise to complete.

Addressing Water Pressure with His and Hers Shower Heads

A common problem when installing more than one shower head is low water pressure. There are many ways your Houston residential plumber can address this problem. One way to increase water pressure for dual shower heads is to replace the pipes in the shower with thicker pipes. This allows more water to flow into the shower heads. Another option for controlling water pressure for dual shower heads is to install thermostatic valves, which allow you to control both temperature and volume for each of the shower heads. Our plumbers can walk you through the options and what works best for your bathroom

Raising the Shower Head Up During Houston Bathroom Remodeling

If you’re on the tall side, or have tall family members, you know the challenges of trying to shower with a shower head that sits low on the wall. Therefore, it’s a common Houston bathroom remodeling project to move shower heads up higher. 

Just like installing dual shower heads, there is a simpler way to achieve this if you’re not taking on a remodel project with the plumbing exposed. If you’re looking to raise the shower head higher without having to re-tile your entire shower, you can install a shower arm riser. These are typically s-shaped and much longer than the standard shower arm. For this project typically you simply loosen the shower arm flange, unscrew the current shower arm, and screw in the longer shower arm. 

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, then our plumbers can move the shower plumbing up higher. In many cases we can even move the plumbing into the ceiling if you want a rainfall shower. Generally, this project involves extending the current shower pipes behind the wall. 

Moving a Shower Head to Another Wall

Some homeowners also want to move the shower plumbing to a different wall. Usually this is to reduce splashing or to suit a new shower layout. If you want to move the shower head during your Houston bathroom remodeling project, it’s important to hire a plumber. Moving plumbing requires a lot of technical training and experience, as well as knowledge of local plumbing codes. In many cases, moving the shower head to a different wall involves installing all new shower plumbing in that wall, from the supply lines to the valves and the fixtures. You may need a master plumber to design the new shower plumbing and install it, as this is a major plumbing change. 

Santhoff Plumbing – Your Expert Houston Residential Plumber for Repairs and Remodels

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