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Bathroom Houston Plumbing Remodels: What You Need to Know

Plumbing Remodel

Whether you’re sick of looking at pink bathroom walls from the ‘50s and ‘60s or your current layout just isn’t working, you may be looking at a remodeling project. Houston plumbing remodels can make a world of difference in your home, especially in the bathroom. You might ask “do plumbers remodel bathrooms?” We certainly help! We work with your remodeling contractor or interior designer to help make your dream bathroom a reality. 

Before you start ripping out walls and floors, there are a few things to know! One is that you should always consult with your plumber and contractor before doing, or (buying) anything major. 

Planning Houston Plumbing Remodels

First things first, you need to start with a plan. Planning can help you manage costs for your Houston bathroom remodeling project. But where do you start? If you’re looking around and feeling at a loss, we’ve got a few tips to help. 

Make a Budget for Houston Plumbing Remodels

One of the first things you should do with any home improvement project is make a budget. This can help guide a lot of the decisions you make. 

Think about what you can really afford for your project. Even if you’re planning on financing some of the costs, this is an important first step. You don’t want to bite off more than you can chew re-doing your bathroom. 

Having an idea of what you can spend on your project can help you as you decide what you’re going to change. 

Also, don’t forget to leave a little wiggle room in the budget for Murphy’s Law. Anyone who’s taken on any type of home project knows that unexpected things can come up that need to get taken care of. So, leave a little bit set aside in your budget just in case.

Consider Which Plumbing Renovations You Need

Once you have an idea of what you can spend, the next is to determine what you want to do. Houston plumbing remodels can be as simple or complex as you like. Even for the smallest projects, take stock and make a quick list of everything you want done. 

Start by taking a look around your bathroom and making a list of what you want to change. For example, you might want a new coat of paint, a new sink, and a rainfall shower. List every single thing, big or small. This can help you ensure you get everything you want, make sure something doesn’t fall through the cracks, and can also help you wrap your head around just how big your project is going to be. 

From there, you can prioritize all the different things you want to do during your remodel.

Make a List of Must Haves and Nice to Haves

Next, you’ll want to prioritize different parts of your bathroom remodel. Remember that list you just jotted down? Now it’s time to make a couple of new ones. 

Title one “Must Haves,” and the other “Nice to Haves.” Now go through your list and put them in the different columns, putting your highest priorities in each list at the top. 

Why do this? Because sometimes you might have to pick and choose what you can do, whether because of budget constraints, time constraints, or other factors. Prioritizing beforehand can help you make the decision, if that time comes, of what is more important to get done immediately and what can wait a year or two. 

For example, maybe you want a new bathtub even though it’s in good condition, but your shower head sits so low that you’re hunching over just to take a proper shower. If push comes to shove, the shower head is probably your biggest priority and you can replace the tub at a later date. 

Schedule a Consultation With Houston Master Plumbers and Remodeling Contractors

Once you have an idea of what you want and how much you have to spend, it’s time to call in the professionals. Bathroom remodels typically need expertise from Houston master plumbers and remodeling contractors. We recommend scheduling a consultation with both. This will give you a good idea of what you can expect to pay and what is really feasible. 

Sometimes you may have a great idea for your bathroom, but it might not be possible. For example, maybe you want to take out a wall, but it’s load-bearing, or you want to move your toilet elsewhere, but there wouldn’t be enough space for it to meet building codes. 

The consultation is where you start to flesh out your project and really figure out what it will entail. If you’re not sure which contractor you want to work with, give us a call for a bathroom remodel plumbing consultation and we can give you some recommendations for contractors based on your project, style, and budget.

Some Houston Plumbing Remodels That May Help Make Your Bathroom More Functional

There are a couple of things to consider for Houston plumbing remodels to help your bathroom function better for you and your family. Two of the major things to think about for your renovation are layout changes and re-piping services.

Changing Layouts during Houston Plumbing Remodels

Another common thing people do during Houston bathroom remodeling projects is change the layout to make it more functional. For example, you might want to move fixtures, or convert a shower/tub combo into a walk-in shower. Whatever it is, you’ll need to think about these changes carefully and talk to our plumbers before finalizing the details. 

In many cases, you can move fixtures in your bathroom, but it will require our Houston master plumbers to move water supply lines, drains, and sometimes even plumbing vents. However, it’s important to note that major plumbing renovations can take a lot of time and money. Once you start changing the plumbing footprint, it can quickly become costly. If you’re working with a limited budget, we recommend keeping your fixtures where they are. 

On the other hand, it’s also important for your bathroom to function really well for you and your family. So, if one of your must-haves is moving plumbing and fixtures around, our plumbers are here to help. For example, if you want to move shower plumbing to another wall, we can typically re-route the water pipes to make that happen. We’re here to help you get the optimal bathroom layout for your needs. 

Complete Re-Piping May Help Protect Your Bathroom From Future Repairs

Now, this likely isn’t a project for Houston bathroom remodeling projects that just involve changing out old fixtures and hardware for more updated options. However, for major overhauls, it might be time to replace all the plumbing in your bathroom. You’ll probably have everything torn up already, which can make it quicker and easier for you. 

Why would you want to replace all the pipes in your bathroom? If you’re looking at a major bathroom renovation, there’s a decent chance that your home is a little older. Older homes generally have pipes made of materials like cast iron or galvanized steel. The problem with this is that they can corrode and deteriorate over time, making your home vulnerable to burst pipes and leaks. Replacing them can help you protect your investment on your newly renovated bathroom. 

Also, older plumbing may not be compatible with newer fixtures. For example, many low-flow options need to be hooked up to PVC or PEX pipes. Re-piping your bathroom during Houston plumbing remodels can help you get the exact fixtures you need without limitations due to old plumbing. 

Houston’s Trusted Plumbing Company for Remodels, Renovations, and More

For experts in Houston plumbing remodels, maintenance, and repairs, choose our team at Santhoff Plumbing. We’ve been helping homeowners since 1974 get the most out of their plumbing. Whether you’re planning a small remodel with updated fixtures or are doing a major renovation, we’re here to help! We work with your contractor to make things seamless and easy for you. We also offer competitive pricing to help you manage costs for your project. Call us now at (713) 360-2185 to learn more and schedule a plumbing renovation consultation!

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