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Houston Water Heater Installation: Water Heaters Outside

Water Heater Installation

Whether you’re building a new home, remodeling, or just need to replace your old water heater, you may need Houston water heater installation from our professionals. One common question we get is whether you can install a water heater outside of the home. In this article, we’ll discuss water heater placement and what to do if you want to put your water heater outside. Read on to learn more about installing an exterior water heater.

Choosing a Location for Houston Water Heater Installation

When it comes to Houston water heater installation, you might be wondering where exactly to put your new water heater: inside or outside? Most homeowners choose to install their water heater where their old one was. This is usually in an attic or a mechanical closet tucked away somewhere in the house. 

If that doesn’t work well for your family, you can absolutely relocate the plumbing and power source to move your water heater before installation. It’s important to choose the right location before you do this, however. Typically, you should look for a good place inside your home first. This will provide the best access, insulation, and protection for the water heater. 

However, if space is tight or if you really don’t like having the water heater inside your house, then you might want to put your water heater outside. This is certainly possible, as long as you consider all the pros and cons of this type of Houston water heater installation. You may also need to take additional steps to prevent extra wear and tear on the unit. 

Advantages of Houston Water Heater Installation Outside

There are many advantages to installing a water heater outside instead of inside. One of the main benefits of moving your water heater outside is that it can save you a lot of space inside. 

Conventional water heaters, which use a tank, can take up quite a bit of space. You need enough room to accommodate the tank, the plumbing, as well as give some space on all sides of the water heater to allow for servicing and proper ventilation. Therefore, installing a water heater outside can help save space in your home.

In addition, installing your water heater outside means you don’t need special ventilation if you have a gas water heater. Typically, gas water heaters need ventilation to prevent carbon monoxide building up in the home. Installing your water heater outside gets rid of this requirement. 

While water heaters aren’t necessarily noisy, they do make some sound for heating and sending the hot water to various plumbing fixtures. Another reason many homeowners choose to install their water heaters outside is to reduce the noise inside the home. 

Finally, while water heaters are incredibly important for comfort, hygiene, and cleanliness, they aren’t exactly easy on the eyes. Many see hot water heaters as an eyesore that they would rather not see in their homes. Choosing Houston water heater installation outside can remove them from your sight while you’re inside.

Disadvantages of Houston Water Heater Installation Outside

Of course, there are some potential drawbacks of installing your water heater outside as well. It’s not the best choice for every home. 

One big disadvantage is that outdoor installation can expose your water heater to the elements, which it may not be able to stand up to. This means either more frequent breakdowns and replacements or (most commonly) building a special enclosure for the outdoor water heater. 

Water heaters are generally made out of metals like steel, which can rust and corrode when exposed to moisture all the time. Therefore, any rain or humidity can wreak havoc on the water heating system if it’s outside. 

In addition, it will typically cost a little more to install your water heater outside. There are several reasons for the increased cost. One is that our plumbers will likely need to move water and gas lines to a different area. If you prefer electric water heaters, you will likely need an electrician to rewire the home so you can install your water heater outside. 

Also, you will need to either purchase a unit that is rated for the outdoors, which typically costs more up front, or you will need to hire a professional to build an outdoor water heater enclosure. Therefore, keep this in mind if you are considering installing your water heater outside.

Finally, keep in mind that water heaters do typically use copper materials, which are a big target for theft in many places. So, you will also want to consider the risk of theft and vandalism for an outdoor water heater.

Can You Install a Tank-Style Water Heater Outside the House?

As you may know, there are two basic options for water heaters: conventional (tank-style) or tankless. Conventional water heaters are some of the most popular options, as they have been around for much longer and usually cost less upfront. Though, you should keep in mind they generally cost more to operate and don’t last as long as tankless options. 

If you like conventional water heaters, then you might wonder if it’s possible to install one outside of your home. The answer is yes, if you take the right precautions. For instance, protecting the exterior of the steel tank from rust and corrosion. Also, keep in mind that usually there are few tank-style models rated for outdoor use.

Tankless Water Heater Installation in Houston Outside

Now, you might be wondering about tankless water heater installation in Houston. Tankless water heaters heat the water on-demand, rather than storing it in a tank. They are becoming more and more popular because they are eco-friendly and reduce energy costs for hot water. They are also much smaller than conventional water heaters, so they work really well in tight spaces.

If you would rather have a tankless water heater, the good news is that you can typically install these outside as well. Like with conventional outdoor water heaters, you will need to take steps to protect it from the elements. 

The good news is that there are a fair few tankless models rated for outdoor use. This means they use materials that better withstand exposure to wind, rain, humidity, and other environmental factors. 

Considerations for a Outdoor Houston Water Heater Installation

As Houston’s best plumbing company, we are here to advise you on all the things you need to know about installing your water heater outside. We can provide specific information customized to your house, water heater unit, and other key factors. However, there are some general tips we have to help you get started. 

First, if you really don’t want your water heater inside, consider installing it in an inconspicuous corner of your garage if you can. This is technically an outdoor water heater. However, the garage will provide plenty of protection and a little extra insulation. 

For exterior Houston water heater installation, we typically recommend building a watertight enclosure as well as elevating the tank above the ground. This helps protect it from rust and corrosion. 

Also, it’s important to hire professionals for this job. Our plumbers can take care of moving any water and gas lines as needed as well as providing Houston water heater installation services. However, you might also need other professionals, like an electrician to move wiring needed for an electric water heater. You might also need a construction contractor or a trusted handyman to build a good enclosure for your outdoor water heater. 

Choose Santhoff: Houston’s Best Plumbing Company

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