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Houston Bathroom Remodeling: Sunken Bathtubs

Bathroom after Houston bathroom remodeling with a partially sunken bathtub
You might consider a sunken or partially sunken bathtub to complete your luxurious Houston bathroom remodeling project.

There are many bathtub options to consider for your Houston bathroom remodeling project. One popular option is the sunken bathtub. Also known as drop-in bathtubs, they are a luxurious tub option that can enhance the look of your bathroom. In this blog, we’ll go over some things to know about sunken bathtubs, including pros and cons as well as things to consider to make your sunken bathtub installation easier. 

Houston Bathroom Remodeling: What are Sunken Bathtubs?

First, you might be wondering, “what is a sunken bathtub?” These are bathtubs that are flush with the floor, giving them the appearance that they’ve sunk into the bathroom floor. Many people associate them with the luxury of ancient bath houses, like in Rome and Japan. For your Houston bathroom remodeling project, installing a sunken bathtub involves fitting a bathtub in a way that it sits so it’s flush with the floor or even partially sunken into the floor. This bathtub option is becoming increasingly popular for homeowners in Houston and throughout the U.S.

Why Consider a Sunken Bathtub During Your Houston Bathroom Remodeling Project

If you’re thinking about installing a sunken bathtub for your Houston bathroom remodeling project, there are many advantages to consider. Here are some benefits of a sunken bathtub in your home:

Sunken Bathtubs are In Style

Sunken bathtubs are in-trend, becoming a desirable feature of practically any bathroom. Many homeowners are investing in sunken bathtubs because they are stylish and eye-catching. What’s more, they may just attract more buyers to your home if you’re thinking of selling in the future. 

Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen sunken bathtubs, as this is a trend that continues to come back as the ultimate luxury in bathrooms. For instance, they were incredibly popular in the 1960s after the movie Cleopatra depicted the ancient Egyptian queen in a large, opulent bathtub. 

Today, they are back in a more modern feel. Many sunken tubs installed today feature clean, angular lines and are surrounded by contemporary design elements. 

Sunken Bathtubs are Easy to Clean

Another great reason to choose a sunken tub for your Houston bathroom remodeling project is that they are pretty easy to clean. There are no exterior surfaces to worry about, which seriously decreases cleaning time. You simply wipe out the interior of the tub and that’s all you really need to do. 

Sunken Tubs are Easier to Get in and Out Of

An additional benefit of sunken tubs is that they are easy to enter and exit. Rather than having to climb over a tub wall that can be anywhere from one foot to up to two feet high, you simply step into a sunken bathtub. This makes them a popular choice for people planning to age in place. 

Cons of Sunken Bathtubs for Your Houston Bathroom Remodeling Project

As with any choice for your home, there are some disadvantages to sunken bathtubs as well. It’s important to think about these potential drawbacks before deciding on a sunken tub for your remodel. Here are some of the disadvantages:

Sunken Bathtubs Can be Difficult to Install for Houston Bathroom Remodeling

One thing to think about is that sunken bathtubs can be much more difficult to install compared to freestanding or alcove tubs. It often involves adding extra supports underneath the tub, raising the floor, and building stairs. In addition, your Houston residential plumber will often need to do a lot of work to prepare the plumbing for a sunken tub. So, make sure you’re ready for a large project before including a drop-in tub into your bathroom plans. 

Sunken Tubs May be a Tripping Hazard

Many people are also concerned about sunken bathtubs being a potential tripping hazard. Since they are integrated into the floor, they can be easy to fall into if you’re not paying attention. This is particularly true at night when it may be difficult to see where the tub begins. There are ways around this to make it safer, but it is a concern for many people, particularly families with children. 

Sunken Bathtubs May be More Expensive to Replace Later

Sunken bathtubs may also make future Houston bathroom remodeling projects more difficult. If you need to replace the tub or want to change your bathroom layout, then a sunken tub can make this more complicated. Since they are built-in, you may need extra work in future to make changes to your bathroom. 

Considerations for Your Sunken Tub During a Houston Bathroom Remodeling Project

If you’ve decided you want a sunken bathtub in your home, then there are also a few different things to think about for the tub design. Here are some things to consider:

Think About Leaving Plumbing Access for Repairs

When designing your sunken bathtub, it can be easy to forget about some practical issues. For instance, how your Houston residential plumber will access the plumbing if needed for repairs or maintenance. Without integrating certain access points, then the only way to get to the plumbing may be to remove the surrounding area, which can be a serious hassle. Your remodeling plumber can advise you on different ways you can create plumbing access points in the design to help avoid this issue. 

Choose Between Fully Sunken or Partially Sunken Bathtubs

While truly sunken bathtubs are flush with the floor, there are some variations you might want to think about. For instance, many people are choosing partially sunken bathtubs. These feature most of the tub underneath the floor, but have a slight wall to help differentiate between the floor and the tub. This lip around the tub does many things. It can reduce tripping hazard by making the tub area more obvious. Also, if you need to bathe young children in the tub, it reduces how much you must bend over and may just save your back. So, think about how much (if any) of the tub you want above the floor.

Think About Stairs for Easy Access

Sunken bathtubs are quite easy to step into and out of. However, you can make this even easier and potentially safer by integrating steps inside the tub. This way, there’s no large step to take down into the tub. This is particularly helpful for children and older adults.

Consider a Removable Deck for Your Tub

If you want your bathtub completely flush with the floor but are worried about someone falling into it, then there is another option. You can build a removable deck that slides on top of the tub when it’s not in use. Typically they are made of sturdy wood to make them easy to move, but strong enough to support someone walking across the bathtub. 

Custom-Built Tubs Versus Sunken Standard Tubs

While many sunken bathtubs are totally customized to your home, you might consider using a standard bathtub instead. This may save you a little time and money for your Houston bathroom remodeling project. Rather than building the tub from scratch out of waterproof materials, you can simply create an opening for a prefabricated bathtub. 

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