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Houston Plumbing Repairs: Clogged Shower Drains

Clogged Shower

If you’re standing in an inch or two of water every time you shower, you likely have a clogged shower drain. The good news is that Houston plumbing repairs can help clear the clog and get your shower plumbing back to normal in no time. Drain clogs are common and there are some things you can do on your own to try to clear the clog. However, nothing beats a plumber’s experience. You might need to give us a call if you can’t clear the clog on your own. In this blog, we’ll discuss common Houston plumbing repairs for shower drain clogs and how to prevent them. 

Do You Need Houston Plumbing Repairs for a Clogged Shower Drain?

Any time you notice standing water in your shower, you should be concerned. Generally, it means that you have a drain clog. Not only are you standing in dirty water, but clogs tend to get worse over time. If you don’t address a clog right away, you might end up with plumbing and water damage. It can cost even thousands of dollars worth of damage. Therefore, any time you suspect a clogged shower drain, you need to take action. Houston plumbing repairs for clogged shower drains are typically pretty simple and straightforward. So, keep this in mind next time you see slow-moving drains, standing water, or foul odors coming from your shower drain. 

*It’s important to note that clogged shower drains are different from sewage backups. If you have brown or black water or waste coming up through the drain, this is likely a sewer blockage and you’ll need help from a professional Houston plumber ASAP. Don’t try any of the clog-clearing solutions we’ve listed below. They won’t work for sewer issues, will delay you getting the repairs you need, and can also expose you to health issues from the sewage.* 

DIY Houston Plumbing Repairs to Try for Clogged Shower Drains

As we mentioned, there are a few things homeowners can do to help clogged shower drains by themselves. These DIY Houston plumbing repairs often work for smaller clogs and blockages. Here are some things to try that may clear your shower drain clog:

Use Hot Water to Break Up the Clog

If you have metal pipes in your home, you can try using hot water to break up the clog. This method isn’t good for PVC pipes, which are sensitive to high temperatures and may warp or leak when exposed to super hot water. However, if you’re sure the shower drain is made of metal, then try this method. Start by boiling some water in a kettle or pot. Pour the water in a little at a time and follow up by running water from the shower down the drain. 

The hot water works for Houston plumbing repairs by heating up and re-liquifying things like oil and soap scum. This can often dissolve the clog enough to send it down the drain and clear the pipe. 

Vinegar and Baking Soda May Remove the Clog

Another option is a familiar science experiment you may have used in school. If you ever made a papier-mâché volcano, you probably used vinegar and baking soda to create fizzy “lava” for your mini mountain. This chemical reaction can also help clear clogs from your home’s drains and is a common DIY solution for clog-related Houston plumbing repairs. 

For this solution, mix some baking soda and vinegar in a cup and pour it down the drain. For extra fizzing power, you might also dump some baking soda alone down the drain and follow up with your vinegar solution. Give the mixture time to work on the clog and then follow up by running hot water down the drain. The fizzy chemical reaction paired with the slightly acidic pH of the vinegar might just do the trick for your clogged shower drain

Use a Plunger

When your toilet is clogged, you probably reach right for a plunger, but many people don’t realize you can use them on other drains as well, such as your shower. You will need a cup plunger, which looks like a suction cup with a handle. For this method, you will need to fill the shower with a little water to help create a tight seal between the shower floor and the plunger. Place the plunger over the drain and pump it up and down several times. Run some water and see if that has cleared the clog.

Use a Drain Weasel

Another option is to use a drain weasel. These are often plastic and have little barbed pieces along it to help grab hair and other debris and pull it out of the drain. You can find them at most hardware stores and all you need to do is stick it down the drain as far as it will go and pull it up again. With it will likely come a lot of hair and other drain-clogging materials. You’ll want to wear gloves. But these can work really well on small clogs.

Never Use Chemical Drain Cleaners

When it comes to DIY Houston plumbing repairs for a clogged shower, it’s important not to use chemical drain cleaners. This is because they often don’t work and can expose you to potentially harmful chemicals. If they don’t break down the clog, they simply sit in the drain. This can cause damage and could also cause it to back up and hurt you. If you already tried a chemical drain cleaner in your shower, do not try to clear the clog with any of the methods above. Instead, call your Houston plumber for professional clog removal and please let us know that you used a chemical drain cleaner so we can take precautions to prevent injury and health issues from the chemicals in the drain cleaner. 

When to Call for Professional Houston Plumbing Repairs

If the above methods didn’t fully clear the clog from your shower drain, then you will need professional Houston plumbing repairs. In many cases, the clog may be too large and/or too deep to clear on your own. Instead, a plumber can use special tools to get rid of the clog and get your shower back to normal as soon as possible. Our experienced team can handle the clog for you quickly and easily and also offer some recommendations for maintenance to prevent similar clogs in future.

Prevent Houston Plumbing Repairs for Clogged Shower Drains

There are several things you can do to help prevent drain clogs in your shower. Shower drain clogs are typically due to hair, oil, and soap scum. Here are some things you can do to reduce the risk of clogged shower drains:

Use a Drain Cover/Hair Catcher

One thing to do is to use a drain cover, also known as a hair catcher, for your shower drain. These usually sit over the drain and collect hair before it has a chance to enter the drain. This can help reduce the buildup that leads to clogs. All you do is put it in place and remove the caught hair at the end of your shower. 

Avoid Putting Oils and Solids Down the Drain

Body scrubs, oils, and other bath products are nice, but they can cause a drain clog. Try to avoid products that have a lot of oil or any solids like flower petals, coffee grounds, or ground nutshells. These are all pretty common in bath products and can also build up in your drain and cause a clog.

Get Routine Drain Cleaning from Your Houston Plumber

As part of your plumbing’s preventative maintenance, you can also get regular drain cleaning from your plumbing company. Many homeowners do this once a year or so to remove things stuck to the sides of the pipes that might lead to a clog. 

Fast, Friendly, Affordable Houston Plumbing Repairs from Santhoff Plumbing Company

When you need quick, high-quality, and budget-friendly plumbing service, choose our team at Santhoff Plumbing. We are your trusted plumber for all your needs. Whether you need drain cleaning for your home or a Houston commercial plumber for your business, we have solutions for you. Our seasoned team can help you with repairs, remodels, and maintenance for your plumbing system. Contact us now to request service from our plumbers!

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