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Houston Kitchen Remodeling: 2 Sinks Are Better Than 1


As you begin your Houston kitchen remodeling project, you’re likely thinking of all the different ways you would love to change your kitchen. Planning a remodel involves picking out cabinet colors, fixture finishes, and many other important aspects of your kitchen. One thing to also consider for your kitchen remodel is installing a second sink. For most kitchens, two sinks are definitely better than one. 

Why Add a Second Sink During a Houston Kitchen Remodeling Project?

There are many reasons why you might want to add another sink for your Houston kitchen remodeling project. You should always weigh the benefits against the drawbacks, of course. However, most often you’ll find that another kitchen sink has significantly more advantages. Here are some of the reasons to consider a second kitchen sink in your home:

Major Trend for Houston Kitchen Remodeling

If it seems like more and more of your friends’ homes feature two kitchen sinks, you might be right. It’s a huge trend right now to install a second sink in the kitchen. Many people love the luxury and function of having two sinks at their disposal for cooking, washing, and entertaining. It’s not hard to see why, either. After all, two kitchen sinks can be incredibly practical for almost any situation. It also offers an additional focal point for the room and another opportunity to add a little personal pizzazz to your kitchen design. 

Helps Divide Meal Prep and Washing

Functionality is a major reason to consider a second kitchen sink while Houston kitchen remodeling. Many people love the option of being able to use one sink for food prep and one for washing up. If you’ve ever gone to cook a meal and discovered a sink overflowing with dirty dishes, you know the struggle. A second kitchen sink helps cut down on these frustrations and can make things more efficient. Many families have a standing rule that one sink is for food prep and hand washing while the other is for dishes. It’s an extra layer of convenience and practicality for the whole family. 

A Second Kitchen Sink Helps Add Function for Distinct Kitchen Zones

Another common thing to do while Houston kitchen remodeling is create special zones for different things. For instance, installing a bar on the far side of the kitchen, or a special coffee station. These allow you and your family to use the kitchen in a way that doesn’t disrupt the cooking process. These are also prime areas for adding another sink to your kitchen. Imagine how much easier it will be to fill up the coffee machine with a sink right next to it, or how easy it will be to make cocktails with another sink next to all your drink supplies. Sinks in these areas can also be extra small, even one foot square or less to maximize counter space.

Can Increase the Value of Your Home After Houston Kitchen Remodeling is Complete

Another reason to have your Houston plumbing company install a second kitchen sink is that it can increase your home’s value. Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes, so the better your kitchen, often the easier it is to sell your home. Even if you’re not planning to sell in the near future, Houston kitchen remodeling is a great investment in your home’s value, as is a second kitchen sink. As we mentioned, multiple kitchen sinks are becoming increasingly popular and can seriously upgrade the functionality of any home, so it’s a huge selling point. 

Where to Add a Second Sink When Houston Kitchen Remodeling

So, where exactly should you add a second sink for your Houston kitchen remodeling project? Of course, this really depends on your home and the design plans you already have. However, there are several common places to place a second kitchen sink, including:

Add a Second Sink in Secondary Food Prep Areas

Many large kitchens today feature a few different areas that make it easy for multiple people to be in the kitchen prepping food. For instance, you might have counters on either side of your kitchen. If your setup includes this, then consider adding a second sink. This way you have plenty of flexibility on how you use your kitchen, such as cooking with another person or being able to switch back and forth between food prep areas based on what you need to do. 

Install a Second Sink in the Corners of Your Kitchen

Is there a somewhat forgotten and unused corner of your kitchen? If so, this is the perfect place for another sink. If you have somewhere that you just don’t use a lot for anything else, it might be a good idea to place your second sink there. That way it’s like you don’t lose any counter space at all. Most frequently, these areas are in the corners of the kitchen where it’s difficult to, say, chop veggies or use kitchen appliances. However, it can make a great place for a dishwashing sink.  

Get a Second Sink in the Island During Houston Kitchen Remodeling

Another common option is to install another sink in your kitchen island. This allows you to have a sink against the wall of your kitchen and a second one in the island where you can face your guests. This is a super popular way to use two kitchen sinks because it seriously increases the versatility and function of your kitchen. 

A Note on Houston Kitchen Sink Installation in Kitchen Islands

Now, if you do want a sink in your kitchen island, it’s important to note that this can be a little tricky. You’ll need a plumber to help you create the plumbing necessary for code. This is because Houston kitchen sink installation in an island requires some complex problem-solving for venting the plumbing. All drain pipes need water to flow properly and also allow sewer gasses to escape.

However, in a kitchen island, you typically can’t tie it straight into the plumbing vents in the wall like with other sinks. In these cases, your plumber will need to do one of the following: create a loop vent where it loops up, down, and eventually leads to the main plumbing vent or install an air admittance valve.

A loop vent is often the better option in terms of function but does take up more room. An air admittance valve is a special valve that lets air in while blocking sewer gasses from escaping. They use less space, but may also not be able to keep up with high volumes of water from your sink. Our team can talk you through the options, local plumbing codes, and our recommendations for island kitchen sinks. 

Make Remodeling Easy with Your Trusted Houston Plumbing Company

Our team at Santhoff Plumbing is here to make plumbing remodels a breeze. We offer experienced plumbing design and installation for a wide range of projects, whether you want a second kitchen sink or need to move the plumbing lines in your bathroom. Our goal is to provide you with high-quality, friendly plumbing service you can rely on. Contact us now to set up a plumbing remodel consultation with our experts!

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