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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Houston Plumbing Repairs?

Plumbing Repair

If you need Houston plumbing repairs, you might wonder what your options are for paying for them. Many people wonder if their homeowner's insurance will help cover the costs of plumbing issues. We’re going to explore that question in this article. 

Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover Houston Plumbing Repairs?

So, will your homeowners insurance cover plumbing damages? Well, the answer isn’t so clear-cut. While we’re sure you would love us to either say “yes,” or “no,” it’s just not that simple. This is because different policies cover different things. Also, not all plumbing issues are the same. Therefore, policies typically cover some types of plumbing repairs and may not for others. We’ll discuss some of these common exceptions in this article. However, we also urge you to check and thoroughly understand your policy.

What Kinds of Coverage May Apply for Plumbing Issues

If your insurance does cover Houston plumbing repairs, it’s important to understand what types of coverage may apply for the situation. Generally, there are three or four types of coverage that may apply for a plumbing claim against your homeowners insurance. These include:

  • Dwelling Coverage: Dwelling coverage helps with the cost of repairing damage to the structure of your home. For instance, the floor and walls, as well as permanent fixtures and appliances. If your insurance company covers the plumbing problem, they will help with the costs of repairing or replacing damaged structural elements in your home. 
  • Property Coverage: The property coverage portion of your homeowners insurance policy covers your belongings. For instance, say the plumbing to your bathtub starts leaking. The insurance helps not only cover the cost of Houston bathtub repair, but also may reimburse you for the water damage to the clothes you had in the hamper of your bathroom through the property coverage. 
  • Loss of Use Coverage: What happens if the leak is so bad you need to move out until the Houston plumbing repairs are complete? This portion of your homeowners insurance policy may help cover some of the costs, such as hotel fees, if you need to temporarily move out of your home. 
  • Liability Coverage: This is less commonly needed for plumbing issues, but liability coverage may also apply. Typically this is only if your plumbing issue caused damage to a neighbor’s property. For instance, if a leak in your townhome also caused damage to the shared wall, liability coverage may help you pay to repair the neighbor’s home, too. 

Keep in mind that typically your deductible will apply for these types of claims. However, your insurance can help immensely if you’re facing high expenses for repairing damage from a plumbing issue. 

Types of Houston Plumbing Repairs Your Homeowners Insurance Policy May Cover

Now, let’s talk about what types of Houston plumbing repairs your homeowners insurance may cover. Once again, each policy is a little different, so you should check with your insurance agent. 

However, in most cases, your homeowners insurance will cover plumbing issues that are sudden and unexpected. What does this mean? Essentially, if the first sign of trouble was the major damage and if it was due to a malfunction and not neglect, misuse, or poor maintenance, then it may be covered. 

An example of this that many Houstonians faced during the Texas winter storm of 2021. Many homeowners found themselves with serious damage from frozen pipes during this crazy storm a little over one year ago. Because it was sudden and unexpected, many people used their homeowners insurance to cover the cost of the damage from those plumbing issues. 

Houston Plumbing Repairs Likely Not Covered by Homeowners Insurance

Now, you might argue that every plumbing issue is “sudden and unexpected.” After all, no one thinks a plumbing problem is going to ruin their day. So, what’s the difference? Well, there are some specific issues many policies simply don’t cover. Also, if the damage is the result of things like age, wear and tear, or poor maintenance practices, it’s considered a home maintenance problem rather than an unexpected event. 

Houston Plumbing Repairs for Sewers

Most policies exclude coverage for sewer backups and Houston plumbing repairs for damaged sewer lines. Yet, you’re still responsible for repairing these issues if the issue is in your home’s lines and not the main city sewer. Some insurance companies do offer add-on sewer insurance at an additional fee. However, if you don’t have this coverage, then you may need to find alternative financing for these plumbing repairs

Mold from Plumbing Leaks

Because most plumbing issues involve water and water damage, it’s important to talk about mold. If you don’t properly remove water after a major leak, then you might end up with mold growth in your home. Like sewer repairs, mold removal and remediation generally aren’t covered by homeowners insurance, even if the plumbing issue itself is covered. However, you can also often add a mold protection policy to your existing homeowner's insurance policy. 

Houston Plumbing Repairs for Old or Poorly Maintained Plumbing Systems

One of the biggest reasons your homeowners insurance denies claims is because the plumbing issue is actually what they consider a maintenance issue. Any time you’re dealing with damage from a plumbing problem that you could have prevented through maintenance, repair, or replacement, your insurance probably won’t cover the costs. 

So, if you have aging plumbing that is at the end of its lifespan, the idea is that you should replace it before it causes damage to your home. Therefore, your insurance likely won’t help with the Houston plumbing repairs

The same goes for plumbing problems that are due to poor (or non-existent) maintenance. For example, if the plumbing issue could have been easily resolved by scheduling the recommended annual plumbing inspections, then the damage likely isn’t covered. 

What to Do for Unexpected Plumbing Problems

You have a plumbing emergency and you think your homeowner's insurance may cover it. What do you do? 

  1. The first thing is to stop the flow of water to prevent further damage. This likely means shutting the water off to your home. 
  2. Next, you should probably take some pictures of the damage, which might be helpful for your claim. 
  3. Then, you can start cleaning up and removing water. Consider cleaning as you try to call your insurance agent.
  4. An insurance adjuster needs to come inspect before you complete Houston plumbing repairs, so wait for the inspection so you can file a claim later. 
  5. Call your trusted Houston plumbing company for repairs.
  6. File the claim with your insurance companies, complete with the pictures you took, itemized lists of property damage, and your total expenses for repairs. 

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