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Houston Bathroom Remodeling: Convert a Tub to a Shower


One popular Houston bathroom remodeling project today is to turn an old alcove bathtub into a spacious walk-in shower. These tub-to-shower conversions are a project that can increase the style and functionality of your bathroom. In this blog, we’ll discuss how it’s done, the pros and cons, as well as things you need to consider for this remodel. Read on to learn more about converting a tub into a shower.

Houston Bathroom Remodeling Project: Turning a Bathtub Into a Walk-In Shower

If you have a bathroom in your home with an alcove tub, you might be toying with the idea of updating it. After all, alcove tubs are not exactly in style right now. Also, for most families today they aren’t really practical, with most people opting for showers instead of baths because it’s faster and more convenient. If this sounds like your home, then it may be time to undertake a Houston bathroom remodeling project. 

It’s incredibly popular right now to take old alcove tubs and turn them into walk-in showers instead. Bathtub alcoves are often the perfect space to create a shower because they are large enough and already have plumbing connections for water supply and drains. It’s a great way to update your bathroom and make it more modern and practical for your needs. 

Pros & Cons of this Houston Bathroom Remodeling Option

Before you immediately start a Houston bathroom remodeling project to convert your old bathtub into a walk-in shower, it’s important to note the pros and cons of this project. Just like every other potential remodel or update, it may be a good idea for some homeowners and a bad idea for others. Here are the pros and cons of converting a bathtub into a shower:


There are many pros of converting your tub into a shower, including:

  • More modern look
  • More stylish
  • Much more convenient and practical
  • More room to shower
  • Easier to get in and out of
  • Great selling point for your home

Therefore, there are many reasons why you might consider this Houston bathroom remodeling project.


Of course, there are some cons to consider as well. Disadvantages of converting a bathtub into a walk-in shower include:

  • If it’s your only bathtub, it can affect your ability to sell your home later
  • It’s an investment
  • It will make your bathroom be out of commission for a while

It’s important to consider these disadvantages before starting your remodel project and make sure that they don’t outweigh the benefits of converting your tub to a shower.

How to Convert a Tub Into a Shower?

There are several steps to this Houston bathroom remodeling project. Converting an alcove tub into a shower involves:

  1. Determining the layout of the new shower
  2. Demolishing the bathtub
  3. Moving the drain if needed
  4. Installing the shower pan or tile for the floor of the shower
  5. Move the water supply lines and install the shower handle and shower head
  6. Waterproofing the shower walls, either with custom tile or a shower surround
  7. Sealing all components with caulk and other sealants
  8. Installing the shower doors if applicable
  9. Testing the shower for functionality and leaks

As you can see, this is quite a complex project that may require a lot of tools, time, as well as help from experienced professionals.

Key Considerations for this Houston Bathroom Remodeling Project

With any Houston bathroom remodeling project, there are several important things to consider before you start. The same is true if you’re planning to convert your bathtub into a walk-in shower. Here are some key considerations for your tub-to-shower conversion project:

You Will Need an Experienced Houston Plumber

One thing to note is that you will need an experienced Houston plumber for your project. Turning a bathtub into a shower requires quite a lot of plumbing expertise. In many cases, you will need to adjust the placement of water supply lines and drain lines. Also, removing the bathtub means you need to remove the plumbing to the bathtub faucet and turn it into shower-only plumbing. If you don’t already have plumbing for a shower head, then your plumber will also need to extend the water lines to the right height for the shower head. 

It’s necessary to hire a Houston plumber for all of these elements of your project. They can get the necessary permitting and provide the services needed for your project. Trying to DIY the plumbing can result in disaster, including legal issues and fines as well as potentially significant damage to your home. 

You Might Need a Contractor for the Job

Unlike with plumbing, it’s not usually illegal to do the other parts of your project by yourself, like installing the shower tile and shower pan. However, it does take a lot of skill to do these things correctly and make them look good. Therefore, if you’re planning to convert your tub into a shower, then you will likely need a contractor for your Houston bathroom remodeling plans. They can help with all the construction elements of your project, like repairing any damaged subflooring, installing the shower walls and floors, and even demolishing the old tub for you.

Changing the Plumbing for Your Houston Bathroom Remodeling Project will Increase the Cost

Keep in mind that moving the plumbing around will typically increase the cost for any Houston plumbing remodels. Therefore, it’s important to consider how this will affect your budget and what your options are. For instance, if you buy a pre-manufactured shower pan, then it’s fairly likely you’ll need to move the drain for the shower. However, if you choose custom tiles for the shower floor, then you can plan around the drain placement where it is already. Make sure you look at the costs of both to see what works best for you.

Pick Your Materials Wisely

Similarly, the materials you choose have a huge impact on the total cost of your Houston bathroom remodeling project. Prefab shower surrounds made of acrylic are often much cheaper than custom tile work. Also, all the fixtures you choose, including the shower doors, will have an impact on your end costs. Know your budget and choose wisely. However, always make sure that you choose quality materials that will last, so you’re not replacing your shower every few years because of damage and wear and tear on poor quality materials.

Account for Two Days to a Week for Your Project

Converting a tub to a shower requires quite a lot of work and will put your shower out of commission until it’s finished. Naturally, that also means that your contractors and Houston plumber will be in the bathroom doing work during the day, so that is also something to consider. These projects usually take anywhere from two days to one week to complete, depending on how complex it is. So, your bathroom may be out of commission for that long.

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