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Call Your Houston Commercial Plumber for Clogs

Sink Drain

Plumbing problems are a serious issue for commercial properties, especially if it’s a problem with your drains.  If your commercial property is experiencing frequent clogs or other drain-related issues, delaying is simply not an option. A Houston commercial plumber can ensure your drains are operating smoothly with quick professional service, allowing your business to return to efficient operations in a fresh-smelling facility.

Know when to call your Houston commercial plumber to solve clogs and other drain issues before it becomes a work-stopping problem. Contact Santhoff Plumbing Company for all your commercial plumbing needs.

Signs to Contact Your Houston Commercial Plumber for a Clog

Plumbing clogs are very common in commercial properties, as you often have dozens to hundreds of people sharing the same plumbing system. Houston plumbing stoppages are a particularly common issue. Break rooms, restrooms, and commercial equipment all share the drain system. So, while clogs are common, they can also be catastrophic for your building. In some cases, a clog or drain issue can even shut down the entire building or wing until the issue can be resolved.

The most important way to prevent a real issue is to spot your plumbing problems early so a Houston commercial plumber can provide the fix ASAP. Watch for the following signs before the clog reaches disaster levels.

Slow-Moving Drains

When your drains start to slow, you have an opportunity to solve a clog before it happens. Slow drains are often an indication that your drains are obstructed but not yet fully blocked. Swift action can get a Houston commercial plumber out to your property to clear the forming clog and get your drains moving again before drain stoppage has a chance to cause real problems. 

The clearest sign of slow-moving drains is when water builds up in the sink and takes time to clear out.

Multiple Stopped Drains

One stopped toilet can be plunged by maintenance. But multiple clogs is a major warning sign. A multi-clog indicates that the problem is deeper, where multiple toilets, sinks, or appliances share a single line to the main sewer. If your washrooms are “cloggish” call a Houston commercial plumber out immediately to resolve the issue before your entire sewer line stops.

Sewage Backups

Sewage backups are when the drains start pushing water up from below. This is extremely bad news, and means that the trap protections that keep sewage out of your building are no longer working. You will need professional commercial plumbing repairs before your building is safe for human occupation.

Foul Sewer Smell from Drains

The same is true of sewer gas coming up from the drains. Your drains should have a water and air trap that prevents sewer gasses from moving backward. If this is no longer working, your building might not be sanitary or safe. Call for a Houston commercial plumber immediately. 

What Causes Houston Plumbing Stoppages?

You can protect your building from the risk of sewer clogs by treating your drains right and watching out for common non-human causes of commercial drain issues as well. Here are the top causes of Houston plumbing stoppages and how to deal with them if they occur in your building.

1.  Wrong Items & Substances Down the Drains

Be careful what is flushed down toilets or poured down drains. Some items and substances are more likely to cause clogs than others. For example, paper towels, wet wipes, and feminine hygiene products. Provide trash cans in bathroom stalls and by sinks to prevent this issue.

2. Damaged Pipes

Many commercial properties in Houston are older, with older pipes that are more prone to damage. If your old pipes have too much built-up scale, rust, corrosion, or become damaged, this can cause serious clogs. Buildup inside pipes can make them too narrow to handle normal drainage. Cracks or breaks in the pipe can allow dirt and debris to get into the pipes and create obstructions. A Houston plumbing repair expert can help replace these old pipes with a new system that is less prone to buildup.

3. Root Intrusion

Trees in Houston can grow to giant heights, and their roots are equally enthusiastic below. If a tree root encounters your pipes, it can push and break them with surprising force, causing under-ground clogs. If you suspect this, you’ll professional Houston plumbing repairs to solve the problem.

4. Debris in the Plumbing Vents

Plumbing systems need air to keep the pressure correct, so most plumbing systems have a series of vents that lead to the outside of the building. If these get clogged with debris like leaves, then the air doesn’t make it to the drains and they cause Houston plumbing stoppage.

How Your Houston Commercial Plumber Clears Plumbing Clogs

A Houston commercial plumber has several options for clearing out clogs in commercial buildings. The two best options include drain snaking and hydro jetting. However, we do not recommend the use of chemical drain cleaner before calling the plumber, as this can leave caustic chemicals in the line if you are dealing with a full stop.

Drain Snaking

Drain snaking uses a flexible pipe and claw setup to manually break up a clog. Snaking is ideal for smaller and localized clogs below just one or two fixtures.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro-jetting is like power washing the inside of your pipes, using extreme water pressure to blast away the debris or gummy substances clogging your pipes. It is effective for severe and deeper clogs, and can be used to clear a clog in a commercial property’s main sewer line.

Expert Houston Commercial Plumbers from Santhoff Plumbing

The drain efficiency of your commercial property is essential to providing a clean and efficient workplace. From office buildings to hospitality to manufacturing, your drain quality matters. If you have slow drains or are experiencing a complete Houston drain stoppage, you can count on the Santhoff Plumbing Company for professional ASAP plumbing repairs. 

We have been working with Houston commercial properties for nearly 50 years, so we know the unique challenges of both old and new Houston plumbing. Family-owned and operated, we prioritize getting your building back online and fit for guests as quickly as possible. Our team always arrives promptly and will work efficiently to resolve any Houston plumbing repair you require. Contact us as soon as you notice an issue with your drains or other plumbing issues. We are here to help ensure your business plumbing is always safe and fully operational.

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