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Warning Signs That Your Main Sewer Line Is Clogged


When you suspect your main sewer line is clogged, it may be time to call a Houston plumber. This professional will perform an inspection and determine whether or not a problem exists. It is important to identify some warning signs that indicate a sewer line blockage so that raw sewage does not back up and cause significant damage.

Weird Signs When Using Fixtures

If a clog is present, you may notice weird sounds or reactions after using certain plumbing fixtures around the house. For instance, if you flush the toilet and see water backing up into the bathroom tub, this is a clear sign of a problem. Since the flushed water cannot enter the sewer, it flows up the pipes and exits at the most convenient point. This type of issue may occur when you run the washing machine as well. When a blockage exists, water drains from the machine and may cause the toilet to overflow. To rule out a serious problem, it is wise to consult with a Houston residential plumber.

Mistaking the Problem

Sometimes, running the sink will trigger trapped air in the home’s plumbing system. If you run water in the bathroom sink, and the toilet begins to bubble, you may think there is a clog in the bowl. However, it is likely that the main sewer line is blocked.

Various Fixtures are Clogged Simultaneously

A key sign of a sewer drain blockage is when multiple plumbing fixtures are backing up at the same time. The most common place for a problem is the bathroom toilet. It is rare for a toilet to work correctly when there is a problem in the main sewer line.

Other fixtures may be involved as well. For instance, your tub and shower drains may be affected by a sewer line problem. Since they are located at a lower point than the sink drain, problems are likely to show up in these areas.

Old Home Surrounded by Trees

If you live in an older home surrounded by many large trees, the roots may be overtaking your sewer line. As trees grow, their roots go wild in search of water. Since the closest source is the sewer, these roots tend to accumulate inside the pipes. Most plumbers agree tree roots trapped in drain lines are the leading reasons behind blockages.

Examine the Clean Out Drainage

If your home has a main line cleanout, you should remove the cap and check for waste or water that is backing up. If water is flowing out or standing in the pipe, this is an indication that your main sewer line is clogged.

Solving Problems

When a clogged sewer line is suspected, you should limit your plumbing usage and try to eliminate the cause of the problem. Many homeowners hire professional sewer line cleaners who use drain snake tools to unclog the blockages. If this does not clear your issue, you should request a camera inspection. This provides a firsthand look at what is going on underground.

After cleaning your sewer drain, it may be wise to participate in other plumbing maintenance tasks around your home. For instance, it is smart to inspect your water heater. If small problems are detected and fixed by a trained Houston water heater repair technician, you will prevent numerous headaches down the road.

How to Prevent Future Blockages

You will want to learn the best preventative sewer drain basics so that future blockages do not occur. To begin, it is advised not to flush diapers or large foreign items down the toilet. Also, it is recommended to avoid chemical-based drain cleaners. It is better to fill your sinks to the top with water and drain them each month. The water pressure will keep things flowing smoothly.

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