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Cleaning and Maintaining Your Plumbing System


What can I do to extend the life of my plumbing system?

Fall is almost here, and our Houston plumbers are urging homeowners to consider their plumbing system as they begin their preparation for the shift in seasons. Your plumbing system is likely a part of your home you don’t think about until you are presented with an issue or something that needs to be replaced. But a simple sweep and check-up on all the parts of your residential plumbing system could save you the hassle (and money) of having to repair or replace due to issues down the road. Certain parts of the cleaning process can likely be done by the average homeowner. Other parts are better trusted to be inspected by a professional plumber. Should you happen upon any damages or things that need a professional touch during your plumbing check-up, be sure you call your Houston residential plumber. When it comes to your plumbing system, it’s always better to trust the hands of a professional! has a wonderful list of many different things you can do for your plumbing cleaning agenda. Simple things you can do around the house that may not require a professional include the following:

  • Checking your gutters to make sure they are clear of any leaves, buildup, or debris that could cause a backup.
  • Inspecting your plumbing pipes around the home to be sure that there are not any leaks or water damage present.
  • Investing in strainers to go over your drains. This helps to prevent buildup and clogging from debris, hair, soap, etc.
  • Making sure that your water heater is working and set to the proper temperature.
  • Cleaning out your washer and dryer lint traps.
  • Checking all around your home for signs of leaks. Take notice if you see hints of water damage, as this could indicate a problem with your pipes that you might not have noticed with your original pipe check.
  • Checking the faucets in your kitchen and bathrooms to make sure there are no signs of leaks present.
  • Checking your toilet to make sure that there are no leaks. has a great (and inexpensive) trick for checking to see if your toilet is leaking or not.
  • Be sure that your toilets are flushing properly. If you notice that the handle of your toilet seems unstable or shaky, you may need to have maintenance done to get it back to normal.
  • Make sure that your ice machine is working normally.

Other parts of your cleaning processes may be better left to your Houston professional plumbers. These parts of your plumbing maintenance may include:

  • Snaking a drain through your shower drain or kitchen sink. Your Houston plumber should be able to dig out and remove any potential buildup or items that could eventually cause clogging in your drain.
  • Giving your garbage disposal a thorough check and cleaning. Your plumber may notice that there are signs of damage, in which case they will repair it for you.

If you or your plumber notice any damages with any of the above-listed check-ups, a repair or replacement may be necessary. Whether you decide that you would rather replace the damaged items or you would rather just have them repaired, your Santhoff Houston plumber will happily discuss your options with you. They are available for sink installationwater heater repairtoilet installationtoilet repairgarbage disposal repair, and anything else you may think of! If you’re in need of assistance with your cleaning checklist, contact us to schedule service. We will come to your home and help you make sure that your property is in the best shape possible to take on the new season!

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