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Houston Bathroom Remodeling: Consider Smart Shower Systems


Taking on a Houston bathroom remodeling project? Bring smart home technology to your bathroom with smart shower systems! These showers offer a level of luxury and innovation completely unheard of until now. Our plumbers are here to help install smart shower technology so you can get the highest level of functionality out of your newly renovated bathroom. Let’s talk about smart showers, their benefits, and why you need one for your new bathroom remodel. 

Smart Showers for Houston Bathroom Remodeling Projects

Haven’t heard of smart showers before? Don’t worry, they’re pretty new on the market! Smart showers come in many different forms. Most provide additional functions and superior temperature control. There are a few different types to suit your needs and budget. We’ll discuss that in a minute. However, let’s touch on why a remodel is the perfect time to install a smart shower.

Simply put, smart shower systems are often a lot different than their predecessors. They get rid of finicky knobs and typically use different valves. Some even require electricity to work. So, installing a smart shower is likely going to require some work from your Houston plumber. In many cases, we’ll need to access the plumbing behind the walls to set your pipes up for a new smart shower. That’s why most people wait until they remodel their bathroom to install smart showers. However, keep in mind that there are several options to choose from. One type might work better for your needs, budget, and project scope than others.

Types of Smart Showers to Choose from for Houston Bathroom Remodeling

The term “smart shower” can mean a lot of different things. This is especially true since these systems are the new kids on the block. Generally, they’re going to fall into two categories: digital control shower systems and smart home-connected systems. 

Digital control systems do away with shower handles and knobs to provide sleek, simple controls through a digital screen. These usually allow you to set your shower to a very specific temperature. Some people liken them to the thermostat for a home’s A/C system. You may also be able to set pressure and other parameters to help create the perfect shower experience for you. Some even come with a remote so you can start your shower before you even get out of bed. However, these systems don’t typically connect to your other smart tech. 

Smart home showers take things one step further and can connect to your Wi-Fi so you can control them from your smartphone or even a voice assistant like Alexa or Google Home. These often allow for very specific presets that everyone in the family can use. For example, if you love a hot, high-pressure shower, but your partner prefers lower temperature and pressure settings, you can often create specific shower profiles for each of you. Then you might ask your virtual assistant to start the shower specifically for you, your partner, the kids, or others in the house.

What are the Benefits of a Smart Shower System?

Now, why might you want to have your Houston residential plumber install a smart shower system? If you’re going for a spa-like experience in your newly renovated bathroom, then smart showers are the way to go. They offer several advantages compared to the “dumb” showers most of us have in our homes right now. That’s why many homeowners are making the upgrade during Houston bathroom remodeling projects.

Gain Precise Temperature Control from Your Houston Bathroom Remodeling Project

Perhaps one of the most talked-about amenities of smart shower systems is exact temperature control. There’s no need to fiddle with a knob to get a comfortable water temperature. It’s all done for you with easy-to-use controls. 

Most smart showers feature a thermostatic shower valve. This valve precisely mixes the hot and cold water for you, so you get constant and consistent temperature control. For smart home-connected showers, the app can even start the shower and tell you when the water is at your preferred temperature. Therefore, you can step in for an immediately comfortable shower experience. 

Another benefit of temperature control is that it can help with safety to prevent scalding. Most systems come with temperature ranges based on safety to help reduce the risk of getting burned by hot water (even if someone flushes a toilet). This is a great function for families with children or the elderly who can be particularly vulnerable to burns from showers.

Save Water, Energy, and Time

Ever gotten out of the shower and realized you took much longer than you meant to? Though smart showers aim to provide the most comfortable and luxurious shower experience, they can also come with added features for reducing shower times. Many systems allow you to set a gentle reminder after a certain period of time or, if you’d like, you can even program an auto shut-off. This can help save water (and energy for hot water), as well as keep disputes to a minimum for repeat “bathroom hogging” offenders. 

Hire a Houston Plumber to Install Your Smart Shower System

Now, you may have guessed, but smart shower systems are more complicated than your average “dumb” shower. They often cost a little more as well. So, going the DIY route for installation is usually not the best idea. Instead, you want to protect your investment by getting professional installation for your smart shower. During a Houston bathroom remodeling project, this means finding a plumber that works with your remodeler to provide the services you need for installing shower valves, controls, and other plumbing. 

Improper smart shower installation can cause many negative effects for your newly remodeled bathroom. For example, poorly installed showers may not operate each of your outlets, like the rainfall shower head, handheld shower head, and body sprayers. Also, let’s not forget that some systems need electrical wiring, so you want everything watertight and leak-free. A plumber can help with this process to ensure your smart shower is safe and works perfectly for you and your family. 

Expert Houston Residential Plumber for All Your Repair, Service, and Install Needs

Whether you need plumbing services during a remodel or need quick repairs from an expert, call our trusted team at Santhoff Plumbing Company. We’ve been helping Houston homeowners since 1974 install, repair, and service their plumbing. Our team has the experience you need for high-quality plumbing services and we provide warm, friendly service for all your needs. As a local, family-owned, and operated company, your complete satisfaction is our goal. Call us now at (713) 360-2185 to learn more and get a free evaluation from one of our plumbing remodel specialists!

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