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Simple Ways to Spruce up a Kitchen


DIY Kitchen Makeover Ideas

As Houston plumbers, we spend a lot of time in our clients’ kitchens. Fixing dishwashers that won’t run, unclogging garbage disposals, and installing ice makers are all common problems that lead us to your kitchen––and it makes sense why we spend so much time there. The kitchen is the heart of the home! Washing a seemingly endless amount of dishes, making cupcakes for your child’s school bake sale, and enjoying family meals around the dinner table all make your kitchen a well-loved room in your house.

Because you spend so much time in your kitchen, it’s important to make it a place you love. Looking for some ideas to spruce up your space? We’ve got you covered. Check out 5 simple DIY ideas to add some personality to your kitchen.

Find the tutorial here.

Makeover Your Dishwasher

If your dishwasher runs perfectly fine, but you’re not in love with the look of it, you can still give it a simple makeover. Try using contact paper to give it a facelift. Check out this tutorial from Craving Some Creativity.

Learn how to make this rug here.

Create a Bold Rug

Tired of your boring, utilitarian kitchen rug? Spice it up by recovering it with fabric. Choose any print and color that speaks to you. The best part? You can easily replace the fabric when you get tired of the current look.

Make these cute magnets here.

Make DIY Magnets

Don’t forget to show your refrigerator some love! Ditch the dingy, plastic alphabet letters and make your own magnets instead. These succulent jar magnets are the perfect way to add some greenery to your kitchen. Find out how to make them via The Country Chic Cottage.

Mix it Up With a Fun Tablecloth

Many meals will be eaten at your family dinner table. Add some color with this DIY ombré tablecloth! Bonus, it protects your table and makes cleanup a breeze. Tutorial via Green Wedding Shoes.

Get crafty here.

Add in a Cute Tea Towel

You’ll need a tea towel or two to clean up messes and dry clean dishes. Why not make them cute? Learn how to add your own personal style with this easy how-to from Twine & Braids.

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. You handle the decorating and the cooking, and we’ll handle all the plumbing problems.

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