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Houston Toilet Installation: Why Choose a TOTO® Toilet?

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Redoing your bathroom? Don’t forget Houston toilet installation! Take your bathroom into the future with a new TOTO® toilet. These plumbing fixtures are more than just somewhere to do your business – they’re the next generation of toilets for making your bathroom sanitary, discreet, and overall pleasant. 

Sound like too much to achieve from such a utilitarian fixture? Read on for more information on TOTO toilets and what sets them apart from everything else on the market.

Need a New Toilet? Consider Smart, Sanitary Options for your Houston Toilet Installation

If you’re thinking about starting a Houston bathroom remodeling project, then you’re probably looking at a lot of different plumbing fixtures. Maybe you want a luxurious bathtub, or a sleek and modern shower enclosure. However, don’t let Houston toilet installation slip your mind! 

Now, we know that you might not be remodeling because you’re excited about a new toilet. But here’s the thing: according to surveys, the average person spends a little over 88 hours on the toilet each year. So, why not make the experience a pleasant one? 

TOTO toilets are some of the most advanced toilets on the market. They use progressive technologies to make them some of the “smartest” additions to your bathroom. 

Put Hygiene at the Top of Your List for Choosing the Right Option for your Houston Toilet Installation Project

TOTO’s brand of toilets feature many pieces of technology not only to make using the toilet a little more enjoyable, but also more hygienic. This is important for your Houston toilet installation, as you want to make sure you and your family remain healthy!

Built-In Bidet for Gentle Cleansing

One of the main features is a built-in bidet. Many experts agree that a bidet is much more sanitary than toilet paper. Why? Because toilet paper just smears your fecal matter around, while a bidet uses water to gently cleanse it away. Think of it this way: if you stepped in dog poop out while walking, would you just wipe it away with toilet paper, or would you wash the shoe?

What’s more, the sprayer settings are customizable for temperature and pressure to make things as comfortable and pleasant as possible. You can even opt for models that come with a warm air dryer so you don’t even need to use toilet paper to pat yourself dry.

Go Touchless for Your New Houston Toilet Installation

Many of the TOTO toilet options also use touchless technology to reduce the amount of germs you pick up on your hands. Think about how many surfaces you touch when you use the restroom: the light switch, the toilet handle, the toilet lid, the sink faucet…

We could go on, but you get the picture. Another great thing about choosing TOTO for your new Houston toilet installation is that some models take out the number of germy surfaces you have to touch. For example, some features include automatic opening and closing of the lid and auto flushing.


Some of the higher-end versions even disinfect the bowl as they flush! With each flush, some of the TOTO models, like many of the Aquia line, mist the bowl and sprayer with electrolyzed water, a proven disinfectant, to help keep things clean between each use.

What’s more, many of the models feature things that help make cleaning easier and reduce the number of germs it picks up during your potty breaks. First, most are coated with a special ceramic coating that helps prevent debris and mold from sticking to the surface. Also, the bidet comes with a self-cleaning mode, using a stream of water so you don’t have to clean it after each use. 

Add a Little More Discretion While You’re Answering Nature’s Call

Whether you’re all about bathroom humor or still say you’re disappearing to “powder your nose,” few people want to leave behind evidence of their visits to the bathroom. Many TOTO models take this in stride and offer features to make things a little more private and discreet.

For example, many of the models you can choose from for your Houston toilet installation include an automatic deodorizer. This little piece of technology acts like an air purifier, sucking air in and passing it through a carbon filter. This helps reduce any unpleasant smells in the bathroom.

It also uses special technology to ensure one flush is plenty to remove waste. Though they use less water, TOTO toilets are engineered to create a vortex of water from top to bottom to thoroughly clean the toilet bowl.

An Eco-Friendly Option for your Houston Toilet Installation

Another reason so many Houstonians are installing TOTO toilets is that they’re really efficient. 

Here are some eco-friendly benefits of Houston toilet installation of TOTO toilets:

  • They use only 1.28 gallons per flush (compared to the standard 1.6 gallons)
  • Auto cleaning options means using less harsh cleaning solutions
  • Built-in bidet means using less toilet paper
  • Energy saver mode when not in use reduces power usage

What’s great about TOTO toilets is that they use advanced technology to remove waste with less water. So, unlike some other low-flow options, there’s no need for multiple flushes or leaving embarrassing traces behind of your bathroom visits.

Houston Toilet Installation Options for Different Budgets

All right, but how much does this smart toilet really cost? This all depends on the features that are important to you. Naturally, more basic models are going to cost less than the ones with all the bells and whistles. However, there are many different options to suit your budget. 

No matter which TOTO toilet you choose, they’re made for exceptional quality. So, they come with a long lifespan. They also offer long-term savings on things like water and toilet paper use because they’re so environmentally friendly. 

If you’re looking for the health benefits, but want a budget-friendly option for your Houston bathroom remodeling project, one great option is installing a Washlet® seat on an existing toilet. These also come with varying features to help you control the costs for your toilet, but all come with the electronic bidet. 

Our plumbers can install Washlet seats on many different types of existing toilets. The key is to make sure the seat matches the shape of your toilet. The two options are round or elongated. Also, there needs to be about 1 ¾ inches between the front of the tank and the seat bolts to help accommodate the Washlet seat. You’ll also need to have a GFI plug within three feet of the toilet so you can plug it in.

Call Our Experts for Houston Plumbing Remodels

Whether you need a new toilet or are doing a whole overhaul of your bathroom, our specialists at Santhoff Plumbing Company are here to help. We make Houston plumbing remodels easy with our skilled and knowledgeable crew. Santhoff has been helping homeowners get the bathrooms of their dreams since 1974 and can help you with your project. Our goal is your complete satisfaction, which makes us a trusted and valued provider of plumbing services. Call us today at (713) 360-2185 to learn more!

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